Keeping Your Cards.

A long while ago, I ran into this picture on Pinterest:

Such a simple idea, but so smart!  I have always been one to save cards that I get.  Any type of cards:  thank-you’s, Christmas letters, birthday cards, “just sayin hi” cards…all of them.  I kept them in both my file cabinet and a box for a long time.  This week, I finally decided to go through my giant stack of cards to make sense of them all, if I was going to keep them!  (Which, I was.  I am a sentimental girl about certain things. :))

So, I dug out all my cards…

Bought some rings (2 pack for $1.79 from Jo-Ann’s) and some packs of chipboard (pack of 5 for $1.50 from Michael’s).

I sorted all the cards into different topics, hole punched, make labels with my Silhouette cutter and put the books together…

I love how they turned out, and that I get to treasure the details of all of these cards in a more organized and special way now.

The “Wedding” book… Friends’ wedding invites, photos, bridal shower invites, wedding programs… Anything related to their wedding!  This is probably my favorite book so far.  I organized it all by my friends’ wedding dates.

This is my other favorite book.  I’m a sucker for sweet sentimental cards and Thank You notes always are just that!

So far, the books I have made are:

  • Wedding Invites
  • Thank You’s
  • Ezekiel’s Baby Cards (Baby showers and when he was born)
  • Ezekiel’s Birthday Cards
  • Skyler’s Birthday Cards
  • Kayla’s Birthday Cards
  • Christmas 2009, 2010 and 2011 (I’m keeping them as separate books for each year)

The books I have still to make are:

  • Our wedding cards (need to dig them out from our keepsake box in the garage!)
  • Thinking of you cards
  • Him & Her cards (letters and notes between Skyler and I)
  • Compassion International letters (the letters from the little boy in the Philippines I’ve sponsored for like 8 or 9 years!)
  •  Grandma Harriet letters/cards (Grandma Harriet is Skyler’s great grandma.  Her and I were penpals from just before we got married in 2009, until this past fall when she passed away.  She told so much of the family history and stories as she wrote and I want to make a special book just for her correspondence).
  • Graduation cards/announcements
  • Friends’ kid’s birthday invites

I’m sure over time there will be more that come up, but so far I’m loving how they are turning out.  Way better to keep them in this book-fashion instead of just shoved in a file cabinet.  🙂

What do you think?

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