A Little Rain Don’t Stop Me!

We headed out to go camping with my whole family on Friday afternoon, even though the weather forecast looked like this:

We got there and, as we figured, it was pouring.  We set up our tent, my sister’s tent and two pop up tents and some walls as quickly as we could to start making some dry ground.   Within the first five minutes of being there, Zeek was running and slipped and knocked his forehead directly on the tow hitch ball on the back of the Tundra… instant blue and purple bruise and a nice goose-egg for the poor guy.  
The kids played in the rain and sand for a couple hours until my parents arrived with their RV.  
We sat in the pop up’s and watched the puddles deepen and widen…

After my parents got there, we finished setting up some more dry area’s and hung some more tarps.
We hung out by the firepit for the evening, had some awesome chili and cheese biscuits for dinner and tried to stay dry.
It poured all night long; which was very soothing to fall asleep to the rain on our tent!
We stayed dry and warm and cozy inside. 🙂
Zeek woke up HAPPY!  He loves waking up inside of tents!

 It was still dumping, so we built a fire and dad, Krista and I made breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, rhubarb coffee cake, and fresh raspberries and blueberries for on the pancakes!  We feasted.  🙂
Part way through eating, I started having issues keeping Zeek content on my lap, because he just wanted to get down and run around.  Mom disappears into her RV for a minute and returns with this little kid size plastic chair.  “Maybe this will help?”  she suggests.   I immediately wedge it over the picnic table bench and ask her for a belt.
In no time, we have ourselves our very own white-trash high chair!  I just sat him in it and strapped him in.  Zeek didn’t seem to know the difference between this and the one at home. 😉
After breakfast, my sister decided she’d had enough of the pouring rain and packed up her things and her kids and headed home.  My parents were up for braving it out and we were fine with staying too…
and of course, within an hour of Krista leaving, the rain stopped completely.
Mom and dad, Skyler, Zeek and I headed to town to see if we could find some rain boots in Zeek’s size, since I didn’t have any for him.  After about 7 stores, with no luck, we ended up in nearby Astoria.  Skyler hadn’t been to the Astoria tower before so we headed up there.  I only vaguely remembered it from when I was there when I was in elementary school.
We climbed the 164 steps to the top.
Dad got an extra 25 lb weight in his workout…

View from above… 🙂
By the time we made it back down, the clouds were really breaking up and it was starting to get warm.
Since we were in Astoria, we decided to make a couple stops at some film locations!
First stop:
The Goonie’s house!

Just down the road is the school that was used in the filming for Kindergarten Cop.  We didn’t get out, but we drove around the entire school.
Then we stopped in downtown Astoria, got some lunch and ate it at the docks and enjoyed the sunshine!!
Then as we were heading back to the campground, we went into the next town over (I don’t remember the name!) and saw the ramp/jetty from Free Willy.  (From the very end of the movie where they are releasing Willy into the water and he has to jump over the rock jetty.
Who knew there were so many movie filmed in such a small radius?!  I only previously knew about The Goonies before heading there this weekend.
Back at camp we made an early dinner and then went to the nearby beach – Peter Iredale.
There is a shipwreck on the beach from long ago, and Skyler immediately hopped over to climb on it…

We very much enjoyed our little weekend away – even despite the rain!  It stayed nice the rest of the weekend, except for a light rain while we were sleeping that night, and then as we were driving out it started sprinkling again.  We lucked out and had a great weekend!  Can’t wait for more camping.
I love pretending to be homeless. 😉
Love, K

P.S.  Here’s a lil video I took when we got home last night.  Skyler was chasing the ball Zeek kept throwing and Zeek was rolling in laughter!  I LOVE this boy’s laugh!

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