Pinterest Challenge: Toy Cabinet Refinish

I did it!  I finally finished the last big project for Zeek’s room and I couldn’t be happier!  (Because I’m done and because I love it!)  This one has taken a few months to finish.
Not because it was that huge of a project – I think I spent about 5 actual days on it – but because I had to wait for 2 things: good weather and a free afternoon.  Those things don’t seem to come in pairs to often around here in the spring.
I had been searching for the perfect chest/cabinet/buffet for Zeek for several months.  It was one of those “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of ordeals.  Couldn’t explain it to my parents to keep an eye out for, just had to find it with my own eyes.  
I had seen this awesome cabinet that was posted by a friend on facebook (which led to her friends online shop “It Is Dwell”, and I “pinned” the photo so I wouldn’t lose it!):
Source: via Kayla on Pinterest
I LOVED this cabinet.  Unfortunately, listed at $350, it was way beyond my price range.
After months of searching, I finally found it.
It was sitting in a crammed space with a few kitchen tables and chairs and other small cabinets at the St. Vinnie’s store in Albany.
And it was marked 1/2 off, making it only $25!  Definitely more my price range.
But, don’t get too excited yet.
It was ugly.
Really, really ugly.

The whole thing had a layer of really disgusting finish, which was peeling badly on the top.
BUT – it was a very well-built, sturdy piece of solid wood – no particle board here!  (Something I try to avoid at any cost!)
I hauled this thing to my dad’s house and enlisted some help:

My eight year old niece!
She helped me carefully apply stripper to the entire cabinet and scrap all the gunk off.
I forgot to wear long sleeves and unfortunately, I always manage to get some of the stripper on me.
Have you ever been burned by that stuff?!  I’m a pretty tough cookie, but that stuff makes me yelp and run for water in a split second! 
Take note, if you plan on refinishing any furniture!  Wear long sleeves and long pants, even if it’s hot!! πŸ™‚  
Here’s how it turned out after we finished stripping it:

It was really very pretty mahogany (I think…) wood, and had I not already had a plan for this guy, it would’ve been the perfect candidate to just re-stain.  Maybe some day in the future if it is demoted (or promoted?!) from being Zeek’s toy cabinet!
The inside was pretty ugly, but since it was just going to hold baskets of toys, I decided not to waste time and paint by doing the insides of the doors and cabinet.

 After it was completely dry, I primed the cabinet with Kilz.

Then spray painted the area for the white stripe. 
Once it was dry, dad and I carefully taped off the lines and I painted the rest of the cabinet.

The knobs on the top doors were permanently attached, so I decided to spray paint the bottom knobs (which came off) white to match also.
Then it sat on my back porch for about a month, waiting for the perfect opportunity for some touch up paint… 
And the other day, I finally finished it!
Finding baskets that fit was no easy task though.
I went to probably 8-10 different stores looking for baskets.
I’m still not completely set on the ones I found, but for now they are in there (with price tags still attached!)… we’ll see if any better surfaces in the next week or two. πŸ™‚
Here she is all set up in Zeek’s room:


Canvas baskets for the top shelves fit perfectly – they hold stuffed animals and light/small toys.

Galvanized buckets for the bottom cupboards… These are the ones I’m still iffy about.  I like the looks of them, but don’t feel they utilize the space all that great…but try finding a 17x17x15 basket!!! It’s impossible! πŸ™  I’m still keeping my eyes out…
(Like I said, the inside of the cabinet isn’t super pretty…but it doesn’t bother me. πŸ™‚

I took out the ugly metal grates and cloth that used to be in the cabinet doors.
These are two sheets of galvanized metal, cut to size and held up by a supporting piece of plywood behind it.
I have some ideas to make some fun magnets for Zeek now. πŸ™‚
Anyway, THAT is my (ok, Zeek’s) new toy cabinet!!
I am obsessed with the color of it and am trying to decide what else in my house could get a coat of the paint… πŸ˜‰
Inspiration piece – $350.00
My piece –
  • cabinet – $25
  • quart of paint – $10
  • spray paint – $4
  • 2 sheets of metal ($10 ea.) – $20
Total cost: $59.00
Of course, this doesn’t include the baskets…but I figured I’d have to buy those for the other cabinet too, so I didn’t include them in my cost…but if you’re curious, the white fabric baskets were around $8 from Wal-Mart and the galvanized tubs were $15 at Target… Another reason why I’m still searching for new bottom tubs – $30 was a little more than I wanted to spend for 2. 

Anyway, I’m pleased (and SO glad it’s finally done!).  Only a few more things to do now. πŸ™‚
I finally feel like he’s got a decent big boy room now!  Such a huge progression from where it started.

Ok, now it’s off to pack!  We’re leaving in an hour for a couple nights and all I have to show for my packing so far is a mound of laundry on my bed!  YIKES!
See ya! πŸ™‚

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