17 Months

17 Months

Ezekiel baby,

You are almost a year and a half.  Woah.  I already get really sad when I look at picture of you last summer when you were only 6 months old.  You look SO much more grown up already.  I already can hardly remember what you were like last summer!

You are growing up SO quickly.  I know I say this all the time, but it feels like you’ve grown up the most this month.  Your vocabulary has REALLY taken off!  You are not afraid to try saying any words and are always watching our mouths, studying how our words come out.

You have always (so far) been mama’s boy, but you’ve really taken a liking to snuggling more this month, where as you really haven’t wanted to be snuggling much since you became mobile at 9 months.  I’ve really enjoyed you coming up on my lap, laying your head down on my chest or shoulder, looking up at me and just talking to me.  Like you just want to relax and lounge with me and have a good conversation with mama.  πŸ™‚

Here’s what else you’ve been up to this month:

  • You seem to have gotten pleading down.  When you are hungry and I’m not moving fast enough, you grasp your hands together, bend over towards the ground and say “pleeeeaaaa, plllleaaaa, pllleeaaa??!!!” with the most begging sound in your voice.  I’m workin on it, buddy, I’m workin on it!! πŸ™‚
  • You LOVE being outside.  You could play outside forever.  Anytime we have to go inside, I have to practically drag you kicking and screaming.  Not amused, little one. 
  • You picked up a little wooden toy that you had and were walking around the house, pointing it and going “picccckkkoooo”…It took me a moment to realize you were mimicking a gun…I was a little shocked and had no idea where you picked that up.  When daddy got home, I told him about it and he laughed and told me how he had taken you to Sportsman Warehouse the other day and let you play with a little wooden gun there.  Now you find ANYTHING resembling a gun and “piiicccckkkkooo” all around the house. πŸ™‚
  • You love your freeze dried strawberries from Trader Joes, but refuse to touch the real thing… I’m hoping this is just a texture thing and that once you have teeth you will eat them happily.
  • You spent your first night away from mom!  Daddy took you on an over-night camp trip and said you did great.  
  •  You ate your own poop this month.  I screamed.
  • Mommy and Daddy took you to Wildlife Safari for your first time!
  • You got your first goose-egg!  When we were camping last weekend, you slipped and fell forehead first onto the tow hitch ball on the back of daddy’s Tundra.  You cried and cried and it instantly turned purple and blue and swelled up.  You kept gently reaching up and touching the bump and getting the most pitiful pout!  It was the saddest sight!  After about a half hour you didn’t seem to notice anymore.  
  • You seem to be a little short and are still wearing your 12 month pants (and some of those are still a little long).  You are wearing 18 month t-shirts and jackets.  You can still wear some of your 6-9 month shorts from last summer.  So weird.  You are wearing size 5 sneakers, but are quickly growing out of them.
  • You are NOT a napper.  You usually nap between 20-45 minutes.  That usually does you good for the whole day.  If we happen to have a fairly active day, you’ll be good for an hour – hour and 1/2 nap later in the day around 4.  It took me a month (or two) to accept that you do not nap like you used to.  I fought it and got angry with you.  Now, even though I miss my “alone” time in the day, I kind of enjoy not having to worry about naptime for you.  I like being able to be more flexible with our days and when we do things.
  • You DO sleep really good at night now!  Took a while for you, but over the last month you have gotten so so so much better!  Usually daddy rocks you for about 10 minutes and then lays you (awake) in your crib and you fall asleep quickly, usually between 7:30 and 8.  Sometimes I put you to bed the same way, but you generally prefer daddy to do it now.  You’ll sleep until about 4-4:30 and then wake up hollering for me.  I’ll go to your room, rock you for a few minutes and lay you back in your crib, and you’re usually good until 8:30 or 9.  I’m very thankful that you are getting so good at sleeping now, since I am REALLY wanting to use my awesome pregnancy pillow soon! 
Words You Say on Your Own
  • “Baba-bauce” – Applesauce.  Your most favorite thing ever.
  • “Wader” – Water.  You love to point to “wader” as we pass water fountains, pools, rain puddles…
  • “Ni-ni” – Night night
  • “Wok” – Rock.  You find rocks anywhere we go.  And you try to hold like 7 in your tiny hands at the same time.  You don’t give up the first 20 times that you drop one as you grab another. πŸ™‚
  • “Wok” – also means walk.  You always want to walk on your own now.
  •  “Choo-choo” – train.  Which you are increasingly becoming obsessed with.  I just bought you a train puzzle, and you will stare at it for a looong time.
  • “woof woof woof” – anytime you see a dog.  Real life, in a book, cartoon, abstract.  You always recognize a dog immediately and woof at it. 
  • “no” – you’ve finally learned you can say it to us and not just hear it from us all the time! πŸ˜‰
  • “yesh” – yes
  • watsch – watch.  Daddy has shown you SO many music videos that every time you hear music, you run over to the laptop and ask to “watsch”.  
  • “nana” – banana.  You hate real banana’s, but you love Trader Joe’s freeze dried ones.
  • “kees” – keys.  Again, OBSESSED.  You always want to take our keys and hold them.  You have lost the truck keys once.  Once was enough and we made a special set of keys with a broken fob, a big key from our old Subaru, and 4 smaller keys.  You LOVE them.  You are always holding onto the big Subaru key when we get into the car and just hold it outright like you are going to put it in the ignition.  So funny.  I love that they entertain you so much that shopping with you has gotten a little easier. πŸ™‚
  • “eat” –  you are starting to say this when I ask if you are hungry.

Words You Repeat From Us
You can repeat most things that we ask you to repeat, but you don’t say everything on your own.
These are the words you say when prompted by us.
  • “Bup” – Cup
  • “Buppy” – Puppy.  Your beloved dog that mommy scored for a buck at
    Ikea.  You LOVE this thing.  You cuddle it in bed every night.
  • “hop” – help.  You say this when we ask you if you need help with something.
  • “mmbop”  – yep, exactly as it sounds.  You’ve been singing Hansen’s “mm-bop” with me in the car lately. πŸ™‚

Here are some of my favorite photo’s of you from this month:

I never tire of looking at those baby blue’s!

You’re not crying or throwing a fit here.  You’re laughing.


 Squatting in the street, watching the parade.

 So pleased with yourself for hitting the pinata, that you stopped and applauded yourself!

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