Unplugged Day at the Lake

We had an “unplugged” weekend.
No phones or computers.
Saturday was spent at garage sales, napping and church.
Sunday (which is more like our Saturday’s, since we don’t have church on Sunday’s) we decided to take Zeek to the lake!  We went out to Foster Lake out just past Sweet Home, which is where I spent many of my childhood days!  They have a swimming hole/beach area, which my brother and sister and I always referred to as “Pebble Beach”.  
My dad and mom joined us out there for a picnic, playing in the water and just relaxing on pebble beach.
Picnicking in the shade by the boat docks.

Playing ball with Grandpa!

Zeeky liked his little boat float.  It had leg holes for his feet to go through.
He wanted to sit right next to me on my float though and hold on to my hand the whole time.
So precious. 🙂 

Playing with bubbles with Grandpa

Bubbles are SO funny!

Trying to catch them!

Practicing blowing bubbles.
This “unplugged” day at the lake was just what we needed before a long and busy week (this week) before another paintball tournament this Saturday.  
Wanting (and needing) more days like this. 🙂
What do you and your family do to relax in the summer?

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