15 Weeks

15 Weeks
 So, I decided that since my last appointment with my midwives was on a Friday, and we only roughly know when I’m due, I’m going to go ahead and count Friday’s as my day that I turn the next week along.  Sounds all scientifically sound and stuff, huh? πŸ™‚
This would put me at 15 weeks (and up to 17 weeks)!
Which means that even at the lesser of the two options, I’m definitely past the first trimester hump!  Glory hallelujah!
I can feel the difference.
When you’ve been nauseous for so long, you almost forget what “normal” feels like and that there IS a normal!  And it’s amazing.  My nausea is almost totally gone.  I’d say 98%.  I still can’t stomach the idea of seafood.  I think because Skyler may have made 10 too many bowls of clam chowder during the first trimester and all I can think of is how that made me feel every time it was on the stove.  Gag.  
I am finally getting my normal Paleo diet back which means hopefully I’ll stop gaining weight as rapidly as I did in the first trimester because those carbs are getting kicked again!  (Mostly.) 
This is what I had for lunch yesterday:
Butternut squash, greens, Skyler’s home-canned tuna (AMAZING!), cashews and cranberries.
This is pretty much my favorite lunch time meal.
It tastes incredible (trust me), it is good for you and it’s super easy to assemble.
Sleep is going much better too (for now).  Haven’t had any more early wake up calls (unless you call 8 am early…which I do! ;))  Otherwise sleeping well, and not only so – because I’m past that 1st trimester, I’m not fighting the urge to nap all day (since I can’t anyway with my nap-less child).  I feel MUCH better.  I also am able to stay awake later at night again (like 11-12 instead of 9:30 or 10) so I can have some “me” time again… so expect some more posts on this recently quiet blog now! πŸ˜‰
  Myself, I’m feeling great.  My house is clean again (YAY!) and staying that way!  I’m making meals again!  I took, oh about a 3 month break from pretty much cooking any dinners… Poor Skyler.  A couple weeks ago, out of no where, he goes, “you know, I miss your cooking.  I can make the same thing, but it just doesn’t taste as good as when you do it.”  Glad my husband loves my meals so much. πŸ™‚  Tuesday this week was when I finally felt a difference of how I was feeling.  I got up, conquered my entire house, plus did all the extra things that you do during spring cleaning, and had a lovely cooked meal prepared when he got home from work.  
He walked in the door and I greeted him with a smile and said, “you’ve got your wife back!” 
On another note of “feeling”, I *think* I’ve felt the baby move a couple times!!
Just very very light and quick flutterings.
I’ve heard you feel it sooner the second time because you know what it feels like.
I didn’t feel Zeek until I was right at 20 weeks.
My stomach has already felt hard at one point too, which was so weird feeling so early on!
Well, you be the judge between this 15 week pic and the 13 week pic! haha!
I feel about the same, but think I’m a little bigger.  (A little higher up belly than 13 weeks)
I did go out and buy 3 more maxi skirts (and am still looking for more in other colors!  I have 2 black, 1 grey and 1 light brown… I’d like some actual colored ones but can’t seem to find them!) and pretty much I try to wear them almost every day.  Because they.are.amazing.
For instance, usually within 3 minutes of being home, I’m changed into my sweatpants (not just when I’m pregnant, every day!).  I will wear my maxi skirt ALL day and not change till I am ready to go to bed at midnight.  I feel like I get to lounge in sweats all day but actually look kind of cute and fancy while doing it! πŸ˜‰
Anyway, excited about being in that second trimester and feeling great again with lots of energy! YAH!  Well, it’s Saturday morning and Zeek has just stirred, so I better go make breakfast and get a start on my day…
Because, watch out world!  I’m about to come conquer you! πŸ˜‰

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