Memory Keeper Calendar

Some of you might remember this little project I made for my sister-in-law for Christmas:

I threw it up on my Wood & Thimble Shop website when I first opened, so I’d have a few products on there at least, and was in the process of making one for myself and revamping the monthly separator cards… but with the insane amount of map arts that sold, I never got to finish it.
And then…
I sold one last week.
And I had a minor panic, since I never had finished mine and updated with pictures of what the one’s I was going to sell would actually look like.
I emailed the lady and told her she was going to be my guinea pig since this was going to be my first calendar prototype!  And you know what she told me?  She said, “I trust you, can’t wait to see whatever you do!”  I get so amazed with the people that purchase from my shop!  I can’t tell you how many times people have told me that they think I’m “super talented” and they trust my judgement on whatever I want to do for their project!  So.totally.flattering.  I’m not sure what basis they have for thinking I’m super talented, just based on my shop, but I love their complete faith in me. šŸ™‚
SO…. I did what I had envisioned but hadn’t yet created…
And came up with this:

 I made mini file folders for the monthly separators and cut out the month on the file tab.

I’m pretty happy that I finally had someone purchase it and give me the push to finish this project!  Now I’ve got to make those month dividers for myself and finish my personal calendar that has been sitting for a few months. šŸ™‚
I love the little berry boxes that these sit in and love being able to save the little daily memories from each day.  Next year will be much more exciting to go through. šŸ™‚
You can see these in my shop here.

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