18 Months

18 Months

Zeek Monkey,
On Friday the 27th, you officially turned 1 and a half years old!  I can’t believe we’re on the second half of the year now, growing closer and closer to two.  And before you turn two, you’ll become a BIG BROTHER.  So so weird for mommy to think about!  I say it all the time, but you are growing and learning things exponentially now! 

  • YOU GOT YOUR FIRST TOOTH!  We almost threw a party.  And we stopped making jokes about getting you baby dentures.  It’s the bottom right tooth that came in first.
  • You’ve discovered Blue’s Clue’s.  Mommy has searched high and low for cartoons that I don’t mind you watching and that I don’t mind having playing in the background because some cartoons are TERRIBLY annoying and I can’t stand them for more than a couple minutes.  Blue’s Clue’s is your new favorite, which I am super pleased with.  It’s mellow and not hyperactive, it’s got a puppy (your favorite), the guy’s voice isn’t annoying to listen to and they “teach” you stuff… so I don’t mind this cartoon.  So far, I only let you watch Blue’s Clue’s, Arthur, Veggietales and Dora.  I let you watch one cartoon while you eat breakfast, because then you will eat two eggs without getting distracted and throwing them on the ground and mommy can take a few minutes to herself for a cup of coffee and checking emails.
  • You started running this month!  It has made mommy so much more exhausted.  I think it wouldn’t be so bad if I weren’t pregnant, but I’m definitely lacking excessive energy and you MOVE FAST.
  • When you get a bump or stub your toe, you always hold it up, look at me and ask “muah? muah?”  Mommy’s kisses really do make everything better! πŸ™‚
  • When daddy puts you on the rocking horse, he sings a “giddy up” tune…and that has stuck in your brain as what horsey’s say.  Whenever we ask you what a horse says, you do your best to imitate the song daddy sings.  So funny!
  • You started singing this month!  You LOVE to sing (and mommy loves to hear you)!  I got a little video of it the other day:


  • You LOVE laughing!  You think your daddy is sooo funny.  Especially when you throw things (ball, particularly) and people retrieve them for you, you laugh and laugh and laugh.
  • You know a lot of your body parts.  You will point to your nose, ears, hair and toes, wiggle your fingers, stick out your tongue and squint your eyes on demand. 
  • It was noted recently that you constantly are carrying a spoon or fork around.  You are always prepared and ready to eat. 
  • You really do eat constantly (this last month).  I feel like I feed you a nice big breakfast and by the time I clean up the kitchen, you’re asking for more food!  (That is not an exaggeration.)
  • You are OBSESSED with drinking my coffee!  You are always reaching for it, saying “mmm!!”  You don’t even know what it tastes like, but you THINK it’s going to be amazing.  Just recently, you’ve discovered that you can stick a spoon in and lick it off much quicker than picking the cup up to drink, because mommy can’t react quite as quickly to you dipping your spoon.
  • You remind me so much of “Porky” from Little Rascals.  Your personality and even your looks sometimes remind me of him.  Mommy loves this because growing up, I always thought Porky was the cutest kid and I wanted a son just like him!

New Words:

  • “Now” – No.  You started saying this last month, but not very frequently.  Now you say it all the time.  “Zeek, do you want to go Night-night?” “No!” … “Zeek, did you just go potty?”  “NO!”  It’s the funniest thing, because you say it like “now” and sound a bit southern.  I love to ask you randomly if you want to go to bed, because I just love to hear you say no. πŸ™‚
  • “Spatula” – You’re favorite toy.  You always want to sit up on the counter in the morning and watch when I make you eggs.  You then always either grab your own spatula or ask for the one I’m using. 
  • “Up” – Currently, you say “up” for either up or down.  We are working on you learning “down”. πŸ™‚
  •  “ow” – You love to say ow.  Even when things aren’t ow.  Or if you get an owie, you poke it over and over again so you can tell me “ow”.
  •  You try saying a lot of other words, I just never know what they are (and can’t remember them all right now).  You have a very big vocabulary – but a lot of words or unrecognizable so far… But you talk constantly!

Animal Noises:

Pretty much, you can do every animal that we can make a noise for… 
You’ve got them mastered!  Animals are your favorite thing ever and we read any book that has animals in it about 12 times in a row before you tire of it and get a new book.  (Mommy is usually tired of reading it after the 3rd time!  There are definitely a few books that I’m about to hide for a little while. :))

“Oooh oh ohhhh!” – rooster
“Bock bock bock” – duck/chick
 “raawwr” – bear (or lion, or any big cat)
 “ssssss” – snake
“baaahhhh”- goat
“bibbi bibbi” – frog

Favorite pictures from this month:


You look like such a little boy in this picture!

Always laughing!

And my “Porky”!  (This picture reminded me of Porky immediately!):

 “Porky” from Little Rascals

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