Things I Loved About You…

Disclaimer: Even at the risk of sounding uber cat lady… I’m still going to write this post.  🙂

A week ago today, I officially became “cat-less” for the first time in my entire life.  It’s a weird feeling and I still look out to the back porch to look for a hungry Kitty meowing at the sliding door.   But there is no Kitty.  And for over a year, there has been no Scooter.

Last Tuesday, I returned Kitty to the animal shelter that I had originally rescued her from, exactly 6 years ago.  It was a really hard reality to grasp and took me a few months to come to terms with it.  Skyler never cared much for the cats, (especially in the beginning) because he came from a pet-less family.  He didn’t understand why you would want a pet.  Over our first year of marriage, he came to love both cats as well, but shortly after Ezekiel was born, the cats were acting up and they both got the boot outdoors.

Last April, Scooter was mauled by a dog on our front porch.  I hadn’t experienced pet loss for several years at that point and my heart definitely broke that morning that I found her.  For the last year, Kitty had been our only pet.  She was an outdoor kitty (sweet as can be), but never was a “normal” cat and had frequent hairballs and never did her business in the flower beds and covered it up like a normal cat… instead, she used the yard.  All over.  Skyler got frustrated with having to walk over the poo and then this summer with Zeek now walking, it was hard to not be able to trust that he wouldn’t walk in poop.

I finally had to get to the point where I got over my guilt of having to return my “rescue” cat, because indeed, my son is more important than any pet.  Because these were special pets and part of the “family” for several years, I wanted to write down some funny memories of the cats before I forgot what their personalities were like…

Scooter, I loved:

  • that I would call out “Scooter, shower!” or “Scooter, bathroom!” and you would run from wherever you were at to meet me in the bathroom.
  • that sometimes you’d meet me in the bathroom before I could even call for you. 🙂
  • that you would drink out of the fish bowl, but never had intentions of harming the fish.  You just wanted your fishy water.
  • that you loved climbing high on furniture and the higher you could get, the better.
  • the way that you snuggled with me in bed (under the covers) every night for the first few months of your life.
  • how you would run to the door to greet me when I came in.
  • your beautiful fur calico coat.  Your white parts of your fur always stayed perfectly white.
  • how you were awesome at “soccer” with pinecones and little toy balls.  I loved how you would pick up the toys with your claws and fling it across the room and then run after it.
  • that you would get so excited about the Christmas tree.  You LOVED drinking “pine water” from the tree base.  You’d dip your paw in and lick it off and repeat over and over again.
  • how you learned that Daddy opening cans of food usually meant he’d be giving you tuna water.  You learned to cling to his feet any time he was opening a can, even if it was a can of olives…because you just never know when it’s tuna. 🙂
  • when you would curl up with me on the couch to sleep.  
  • how your little belly hairs always were curly!
  • how every time I leaned in to kiss your face, you’d put your paw up on my chin to block my kisses.
  • how you’d always find funny places or positions to sleep in. 
  • your sweet little meow and soft purr. 
  • your spunky/funny personality.
  • how you and Kitty would always jump up on and snuggle into my clean laundry as soon as I put it on my bed…

Scooter, my sweet precious kitty – I am so so sorry that you got mauled.  I laid in bed and bawled my eyes out that morning that I found you laying lifeless on our front porch.  I felt such guilt for making you an outdoor kitty just a few weeks before.  The only thing that made me feel any sort of better was the beautiful baby boy who was only 2 and 1/2 months old at the time, laying next to me in bed.   Even today, more than a year later, I am still quickly brought to tears when I think of you.   You were the most perfect cat and I loved you little Scooter-oo!

Your idea of lounging!

Kitty, I loved:

  • how snuggly you are!  You always wanted to be on my lap (or anyone’s lap), or at the very least, in the same room as me.  
  • that you were the sweetest kitty – always wanting to lick and nuzzle up to me.
  • that you showed no interest in cat toys; let it be known that nothing was going to entice you to get up from your lazy napping!! 🙂
  • how when you were inside, you wanted outside so badly, but as soon as you were an outside cat, you wanted nothing more to come inside.
  • how sweet you were when I was pregnant with Zeek.  You seemed to know there was life inside of me and you would constantly want to snuggle up on top of my belly or lick my belly.
  • how incredibly soft and fluffy you were!  When I picked you out from the humane society, I picked you for that reason alone. 
  • that you always wanted to sleep in boxes that were FAR too small for your “fluffy” body!  Somehow, you always managed to make yourself fit.
  • how you loved looking out windows to see what was going on outside and would do anything it took to be able to get a good view of the outdoors.
  • how you would snuggle up and nuzzle up to Ezekiel whenever he was outside to play with you.  You would press your head gently into him and he would giggle and bury his chubby hands into your fur.

Sleeping on me when I was pregnant with Zeek.

I love both of you, Scooter and Kitty, and can’t believe I’m finally at the point in my life where I have neither of you.  Thanks for the years of laughter and joy and love that you brought to my life.  You’ve taught me that there’s so much more to pets than just an animal to feed and clean up after.

Thank you for that.

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