I think we just finished up the most compacted/crazy/busy three weeks of our summer.
It feels really nice to just be sitting on my couch, watching a cartoon with Zeek and just chilling for a morning.  πŸ™‚
Here’s what our lately has been like…
We had gotten a Groupon for ice skating several months ago, because we figured that if we’re going to test it out on Zeek, we wanted to do it cheaply!  The Groupon was for at the Winterhawk’s hockey practicing rink, instead of the usual place – Lloyd Center Mall in Portland.  Ended up being a good thing we had the Groupon and only spent $10 total for the three of us because Zeek was NOT amused.  He entertained us for about 45 minutes before he just was losing his marbles and wanted to get out of his (adorable!) tiny skates.  Here’s a few shots of his first ice skating experience!

And that was about all he would tolerate.  Did NOT like the unsettling feeling of losing his balance on the skates!  But he was pretty stinking cute to watch and he did love watching his daddy race around the rink!
Then we stopped by Bauman Farm for a quick stop on the way home to play and pet the animals.

Crawling through the “mole hill” tunnel.

Not a great picture of Zeek, but I thought Skyler looked so handsome in this photo so I had to include it! πŸ˜‰

Then, a couple days later, we headed down to Triangle Lake (about an hour and 1/2 south of us) for a fun summer retreat with the church youth group that we’ve been helping with for a couple years.  We love the group of kids and had a blast hanging out with them at the lake, on the boats, playing paintball, and just hanging out and relaxing on the beach.

Oddly, I didn’t take any pictures (except for some during the paintball sessions that Skyler and I did with the kids), so these few are snatched from the youth group’s facebook page:

 I included this one because you can kind of see the pretty lake in the reflection behind us! πŸ™‚

 Zeek and his adorable little girlfriend Gretchen!
Building a sandcastle with our team for a competition.
And finally, me playing paintball…
I’ve never seen pictures of myself playing, so this was kind of fun!  Now I get it why the players in our tournaments get so pumped about seeing their pictures! haha πŸ™‚
So, here I am playing at 15 weeks pregnant.

So serious!

And then, immediately after Triangle Lake, Skyler left Zeek and I for an entire week to go with YoungLife (where he’s been a part of for a while) to the big camp in Antelope, OR called Washington Family Ranch (formerly Wildhorse Canyon).  And Zeek and I were left to ourselves to find things to occupy us for the week! πŸ™‚
We started off with a day at my parent’s house; church, lunch and then…
Grandpa managed to get Zeek down for a nap so that I could nap as well (thanks dad!).
Zeek slept for 4.5 hours on his “Bopa”!! YAY

Sometime in that 4.5 hour nap, Zeek sprouted not one, but TWO more teeth!  He is now up to 3 teeth and the 4th is RIGHT THERE. 
Here’s a picture of his first tooth:
One day, we headed over to Corvallis and played in Avery Park (one of my fave’s!) and splashed around in their fountain at the waterfront.
Avery Park has an awesome rose garden that I love to wander in.
Zeek and I were walking towards the garden when he pointed at the roses, sniffed the air and said “MMMmm!” πŸ™‚

I walked around sniffing roses, admiring the beautiful colors and enjoying the sunshine.  Zeek fairly quickly got bored of sniffing flowers and found himself a spoon and a dirt pile.  Boys.  πŸ™‚

Zeek watched a few movies throughout the week (while mommy went through closets and cleaned out for a garage sale this weekend!) and he learned to lounge on the floor and enjoy watching.  
Not that I’m terribly proud of this, but it was so dang cute to see him just laying on the floor watching the movie. πŸ™‚

Flowers that Skyler brought home for me before he left. πŸ™‚
They lasted the entire week he was gone! 

Another day, we took Grandma and headed to the beach!
We stopped at Spirit Mountain Casino for their buffet.
Have I ever mentioned how much I love buffets?!
You can’t really go wrong. πŸ™‚
Then out to Lincoln City for a GORGEOUS warm day on the beach.

If you’re not from Oregon, you might be thinking, “Warm?  Then why the sweatshirt and jacket?” 
Because even when it’s “warm” on the beach, it’s still breezy! 
One of the nicest days I’ve been at the beach to just sit and play. 

Unfortunately, I left Zeek’s sand bucket and scoops at Triangle Lake… so that morning I headed to Target to see if I could find another one.  Being so late in the season, they were completely out.
I scoured the dollar section and came up with a colander, a small bucket, a funnel, a long handled spoon and an ice cream scoop.

He seemed to enjoy them even more than just his sand bucket and scoop. πŸ™‚

Daddy got back Saturday eve and a couple hours later, we had to take his friend Daniel (who flew out from NYC to go to YoungLife camp with him) back up to the airport to go home. 
The next morning, we headed up to Seattle for a quick over night trip!
My cousin Katie and her husband Brandon had flown in for a business trip (they live in TN) and I only get to see her about ever 2 years!  It’s always a short visit, but always fun. πŸ™‚
View from Gasworks Park.

We went to (another!) amazing Ethiopian restaurant downtown with Katie and Brandon and I tried to take a picture… but user error.  Dark and blurry.  Boo.  πŸ™

Ferris Wheel addition to the marine pier since I last visited! (Ridiculously expensive, btw.)

The Library.  Our hotel was across the street from this. πŸ™‚

Checking out the street performers in front of the Original Starbuck’s.
This band was called Squirrel Butter and they were incredible!
I wish I had bought a cd! 
Zeek loved them and kept dancing around and wanting to get on the little wooden platform that the lady was clogging on. πŸ™‚
P.S. I’m wearing a maxi skirt.  It’s not spandex pants.  I promise. πŸ˜‰ 

Then we took Zeek to the Fremont Troll to run around a bit before the long trek home.

It was crawling with people that day!
And now… now we’re home. πŸ™‚  
Not that it’s really any less crazy or busy, but at least we’re crazy busy at home.
For a few more weeks at least. πŸ™‚
What have you been up to???

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