No More Anonymous

Just wanted to let you guys know that I’ve made a small change but hopefully it doesn’t affect too many of you.
I’ve changed it so that people can no longer post comments under the hidden identity of anonymous.
After a few not nice “anonymous” comments recently, I’ve decided that I wanted to do away with that option.  It’s definitely ok if you have a different opinion than I do, or don’t like something I do.  When I share things on my blog, I’m not saying you all have to agree or like what I do – but it is my blog and I will share our life and our choices on it…
 If you want to comment and tell me your opinion on something, that’s welcome too – but I’m not okay with people hiding behind the safety of an anonymous comment and not having to be accountable to their words.  
When people can post anonymously, they tend to be more rude or just downright nasty if they don’t have to say it face to face or have their name attached to it.
I know this affects some of you who commented anonymously and would sign it with your name but I’m trying to keep the negativity off of my blog and this is just one step I sadly had to do in order to keep it that way.
Thank you to all you awesome friends, family and readers who have left me super friendly and encouraging comments over the years.  I appreciate all the new friends I’ve made by clicking on someone’s comment and discovering their blog! πŸ™‚
Thanks for understanding,

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