We’re Back! (And Why I Will Never Cut an Avacado the Same)

We’re back from our little 4 day vacation away!  Dishes are going, laundry is going, I’m showered, bathroom’s are cleaned, boys are at grandma’s… and I’m sitting down to relax. 🙂

We had a lovely time camping with my parents down at the Delta Campground near Blue River (just off of McKenzie River).  Right about here:

I didn’t take too many photo’s, but here are the few I did take to document (and show Ezekiel someday) that we went camping with grandma and grandma!

This was the first day there.  We laid in the tent with Zeek for 2 hours trying to get him to nap.  We both half napped but the boy talked and sang and read himself books for the whole time.  
Skyler decided to take him for a bike ride while I made some lunch.
He was gone for only 20 minutes and this happened a few minutes into it:

Out.  Like a light.

Later, we drove about 10 miles south of our campsite to check out Cougar Reservoir.
And this is one of the many reasons I love Oregon. 🙂

 Mom and Dad joined us on the 2nd day of our camp trip.  We joined together in time for dinner, which I wanted to document to show Ezekiel someday….
and this picture made me laugh so hard.
What the?
The faces!!

Bopa was amazing at getting the boy to nap.  Per usual. 🙂
He slept here for almost 2 hours.

Our campsite:

View from the back of our campsite:

This was so lovely to listen to at night in the tent. 🙂
And finally – a little wash cloth bath for the filthy boy.
I have a very similar photo taken of myself when I was about two.

Bopa reading bedtime stories. 🙂

Oh, and one more thing happened on our camp trip.


I put a knife through my hand.  Far enough that it poked a little hole out the other side.  I was making breakfast for everyone and dad was helping cook sausages on his stove, mom and Sky were sitting around the fire.  I was cutting an avocado.  Usually I “hiyah!” the knife into the seed to wiggle it out.  For whatever (distracted) reason, this fine morning, I decided to just stab the seed…and it went straight through the seed and stopped about an inch out of the back end of the avocado (only after going through my hand, of course). 

I started jumping around hollering, “it went through my hand, it went through my hand, help! It went through my hand!”  They all just stared at me.  Couldn’t figure out what I was talking about.  As far as they knew, I was cooking eggs.  What the heck would’ve gone through my hand?  I finally ran over to the fire to show Skyler, again hollering, “it went through my hand! HELP!”  Finally he saw the blood on my hand and him and mom jumped up to help me.

Thankfully, mom had some liquid skin glue stuff in her first aid kit (lotta good my stupid bandaids would’ve done on this puncture job!).  Skyler applied it and I tapped my foot incredibly fast and tried to hold in the whimpers and squeals as it stung like someone was putting a needle right in the wound.  Skyler tried to tell me that childbirth was worse than this so stop being so dramatic.  (I promise, he does love me.)  And I told him, uh huh, no way.  Childbirth doesn’t sting and quite like this and I don’t like this kind of pain.  That kind of pain was painful.  Childbirth was more of a nuisance of a pain, like extreme cramping.  🙂

The liquid skin stuff was amazing and let me tell you: I am going to revamp my first aid kit for my camping bag and my car!  This is a must-need in it now. 

Now, a couple days later, it’s doing better.  The swelling went down and I have mobility and all feeling, though I still can’t quite fit my wedding ring back on.  Mostly, it’s just tender around the area.  All is well and lesson learned. 

Friends, PLEASE learn from me and just use a spoon to scoop out the avocado seed.  How silly of me.  🙂

How exciting was your weekend?!  Hope it was awesome. 🙂


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