19 Months!

19 Months

You have gained such a large vocabulary that you are quickly gaining attention from strangers and friends for how much you talk!  You don’t always make sense and often you say sentences that sounds like, “yedda badda badda da ball.  Da ball.”  Something something something ball.  That’s usually how it goes. πŸ™‚  You are always talking about a ball (or anything that is even slightly circular in shape.).

You aren’t afraid of trying to repeat words and you are getting very good at arguing your point! 
You have no problem saying “no” when you don’t like something or don’t want to do something, and will reiterate “YES!” when I’m holding something that you do want.  You are really understanding the difference between the words, which is really helping mommy be a lot less frustrated with not as much guess and check as before!

You run everywhere.  I can hardly keep up.  You hop and dance and jump around.  You’ve learned to jump on your bed and on the couch.  You get a thrill out of jumping on cushions.

You love to dunk your basketball in the little hoop grandpa has on the farm.  Mommy will have to be on the lookout for a little hoop for you, since you are so obsessed with it!  When you see real basketball hoops and basketballs, you want to dunk those too.  Unfortunately, at 5’2″, mommy’s can’t really assist you with that one.

You have been frequently walking around
with your little pointer finger wedged between your butt-crack… I refuse to eat anything out of your hands anymore!
After a rough
couple of months, you are finally really good at bedtime AND naptime!  You no longer whine about it or fight it, but just lay down and go
to sleep right away! GLORY hallelujah! πŸ™‚

We have a newspaper clipping from Daddy’s
football days hanging in the office, where he’s tackling someone to the
ground. I told you a couple weeks ago that it was daddy in the
picture.  Now when you see it, you point and say “Dada! HIIYAH!”… complete with a karate chop. πŸ™‚  Your daddy is your hero!

A couple days ago, we were riding bikes past McNary High School (where daddy played football), and there were football players in pad’s out practicing in the field.  You tapped me on the back and said, “Mama, Dada!!! Dadda! Dadda!  Hiiiiyaaah! Dada hiiya!”  It took me a few minutes to realize what you were talking about, but somehow from a distance you recognized the football gear to be what daddy was wearing in that newspaper clipping and put two and two together!  You are SO smart and always surprise me with the things you are picking up and understanding already at only a year and a half. 
You love to follow me into the bathroom.  You sign “potty” and clap and holler “yay!” at me.  The other day, I told you I was going to go poo-poo and you squatted into your position of how you poop, and said, “po-po! Yay mama!”  I love that you are so proud of me for my achievements… or something like that…
New Words You Are Saying
  • eyeball
  • “do” – shoe.  You’re getting closer.  Much closer than your first attempt at this word with “babou”.
  • “sees” – cheese.  Your obsession.
  • “po-po” – Poop.  SOMETIMES you’ll tell me you have “po-po” in your diaper.  Most times you still deny it.  Even though the smelly evidence is undeniable.
  • “duce” – Juice
  • “moneh” – money.  You love to put money in your piggy bank. 
  • up
  • “outs” – ouch
  • “menon” – Melon.  You love melon.  Of any sort.

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