Resting Before the Race

Not a literal race (have you SEEN how big I am?!), but next week is going to be crazy. Well, really, as soon as the boy wakes up, things will be crazy.  (I thought life was supposed to slow down after no more paintball business?!)

I’m sitting in my parents driveway right now, waiting for my mother to get home (who told me she was heading home almost an hour ago, when I called her as I was leaving my house 35 minutes away…).  I have a key to get in, but the boy fell asleep on the drive down and I’m not about to wake him.  He’s been a snotty mess the last couple days and I have a feeling I’ll be seeing those two more top teeth that have just been hanging out RIGHT THERE, make an appearance this weekend.  That will make 5 teeth for the little man.  So, I’m letting him get his rest; for his sake and for my sanity.  (He’s been a lil grump the last couple days.  Can’t say I blame him though.)

Anyway, this weekend’s agenda?  And the crazy week that follows?  Well, take a look for yourself.

Staying at my parents house with Zeek while Skyler is away until sometime on Monday, bow hunting with his brother.  Dear Lord, please let them get something so that he doesn’t have to take so many weekend trips this year like he did last year when he didn’t get a single thing until January (when he finally shot a turkey)!

When the boy wakes, mom and I will be canning green beans that we harvested from our garden yesterday.

I’ve also got 2 things I want to paint (that have been sitting for far too long waiting for me!) for my house and two projects to work on to get out the door for Wood & Thimble.  Pleased as a peach that our shop is continuing to do so well.  I have seriously been so blessed with the most amazing customers ever!  They all must be dilusional though and think I’m some amazing “artist”.  I am not.  I just like to make things pretty.  I’m a bit of a profectionist.  I like to create.  But I wouldn’t ever call me an “artist”.  They all tell me to use my creative license and do whatever I think looks best for their project with whatever customization they are asking for.  And once they get it in the mail, they email me and tell me how much they love it.  I’m always amazed at their comments and can’t help but think, “there’s really not much to it, so don’t toot my horn that much!”  Seriously, it’s not that hard.  BUT, I am so thankful that they like what I do with their projects and that they’ve been so sweet and kind with their words with me.  I couldn’t ask for better people to have worked with so far. πŸ™‚

Anyway, Zeek and I will just be enjoying the time with my family this weekend and hopefully I’ll get a lot done while Zeek is playing outside on “the farm” with his grandpa.  The boy is never bored here.  I love coming here because he just goes outside and will play for hours with all the great toys, kitchen set, bikes and scooters and whatnot that my parents have.  He’s pretty lucky being the 3rd grandchild – my parents are already well stocked on grandkid entertainment. πŸ˜‰

Tuesday, I have an eye exam, which I could not be more excited for.  I know, how strange.  But seriously, I haven’t gotten a new pair of glasses for FIVE years.  I get new contacts every year or so, but I haven’t gotten glasses for the last several exams because once I first tried contacts about 6 years ago, I was like “holy cow, what took me so long to try out these bad boys?!” and I never ever wore my glasses.  Now, as a mom, I can appreciate the times where I can just whip on my glasses really quick at night or first thing in the morning… except with a 5 year old prescription, things were a bit wonky.  And then Skyler broke one pair several months ago by slamming them in a drawer.  Last month, Zeek broke my other pair.   And all that made me realize, the only thing worse than having glasses with 5 year old prescription lenses, was having no glasses at all… and to the doctor I go. πŸ™‚

Tuesday night, I’ll have my bible study that I lead with some high school girls and much of the day beforehand will be spent in prep for that.

Wednesday morning, I’ll have my first actual appointment at the Santiam Women’s Clinic with Mabel.  I can’t wait to see her again!  In a few weeks, the new birth center will be open and I’ll be able to get a tour of that.  I’m excited to see what it looks like.  She said there are built in jacuzzi tubs and during labor I can dim the lights and play my music, etc. so I’m looking forward to getting a visual of the place where I’ll be laboring and birthing! πŸ™‚

Wednesday day, I’ll have to make sure I’ve got the three projects for W&T finished and mailed out.

And THEN, (as if that’s not enough stuff), I have a girls night (which I wouldn’t miss for the world) because one of my lifelong friends is here for a few days from Lithuania.  So all us girls that hung out in high school are having dinner with all our kiddo’s (who luckily are all around the same age and all boys!).

And SOMETIME in the midst of all this, I’m supposed to pack for Texas for Zeek and myself, because we fly out Thursday morning at 7 am.

I just got exhausted thinking of everything on my schedule for this week.  I think I need a nap… πŸ™‚

Hope you all have an awesome weekend and Labor Day!!


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