What Didn’t Happen This Weekend.

I’m awake and blogging at 5:30 am.  Why?
… I’m not sure.
I don’t think even crazy people do this.
But apparently pregnant people do.
  Zeek has been waking up progressively earlier this weekend.  He NEVER used to wake up before 9:30.  The last few months, he wakes up between 7:30-8:30, which is not bad.
Not this weekend though.
7 am.  Then 6:30 am.  Then down to 5:15 am.  And today, 4:40 am.
And he has been wanting to BE up.
It’s probably something to do with the fact that I am sick and need more sleep, and he knows it.
I haven’t let him be up.  I’ve forced him to go back to sleep.
Doesn’t matter anyway, because after being up for an hour laying in bed after getting up and tending to him, I still wasn’t able to go back  to sleep.

My mind was awake, Baby #2 was awake and kicking, and I was too hungry by that point to sleep.

So I got up.
And now I’m watching last night’s episode of Bachelor Pad and eating a big bowl of cheerio’s.

And when I say big, I mean big.

Like, I’m eating out of a small mixing bowl, big.

“Lay off me, I’m starving!”
(Points if you know who says that.
I know you know, Hannah Brink!)

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I woke up with a head cold on Saturday.
Apparently someone didn’t tell my uninvited head cold that I had a bunch of things I was going to do this past weekend.

Not much from my “to-do” list got done.

+Canning green beans?  Nope.  They were a thought for maybe 10 minutes.  I ended the thought with, “screw it, I’m going to just chop them and freeze them.”  Problem solved.

+I finally made myself work on one of my bigger projects that I sold on Wood & Thimble.  It’s not quite finished, but Skyler is helping do the last bit tonight so I can mail it out tomorrow.  The other project, I haven’t touched yet.

+I didn’t paint the two things that I wanted to for my house…. But Dad did!!  Cause he’s awesome and told me he would do it for me so I wouldn’t be around the fumes.  He’s a good papa.  πŸ™‚

I did manage to sit a lot this weekend.  
 Friday, my mom decided last minute that we should invite my grandparents over for dinner.
I was excited to see them because I don’t get to very often.
We all (my niece and nephew included) had a nice dinner out on my parents’ patio and enjoyed a fire in the evening. 
Saturday morning, my parents decided we were going to have a “camp-out” breakfast, and we built another fire, took a griddle outside, cooked pancakes and bacon and had an awesome start to a sunny morning by enjoying a lovely breakfast out in the sunshine in our jammies.  They are the coolest grandparents ever. 
After breakfast is when my sitting commenced.
You probably noticed that I made some changes to the look of my blog.  
I played around with PicMonkey after my friend Tanya reminded me of it. 
I had played with it a little bit several months ago when several bloggers were raving about it, but then I forgot about it.  And I’m so glad Tanya mentioned it again, because it is so cool!  I am in love. πŸ™‚  I had way to much fun playing with it this weekend.

Yesterday morning, I started feeling a little bit better. 
So, my Daddy took me out for a breakfast date to my favorite: Novak’s Hungarian.
They have the best breakfast’s.

Today, my life goes on as scheduled.
Finishing up the two other projects for Wood & Thimble.
Eye Dr appointment.

And let’s be honest, probably some more sitting. πŸ™‚

Hope you all had a great weekend and Labor Day!


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