We’re here. :)

We made it to Texas!
Today is our first full day of vacation, and it feels good to just sit and have no plans!
Both boys are napping, my sister in law is working in her office for a bit and my brother is at work for the day.  I’m just sitting in the nice a/c house (how did Texan’s survive before it?!  Today is 104, for crying out loud!) with my feet up and a full (and big) belly.  
Yesterday started off early with a wake up call at 4 am.  We got to the airport close to 6 am and our flight left at 7 am.  Zeek did amazingly well on both legs of the flight.  We had thought for sure since he woke up so early (and didn’t sleep on the drive up to Portland to the airport) that for sure he would konk out on the flight so that we could nap also.  (Skyler and I are both pro plane nappers.  In fact, we love it.  Him more so than me – he was even excited for it and looking forward to it the day before we left, because he loves it that much.).  Zeek had no intentions of napping and was rather energetic instead, but he did really well with reading books, playing with some toddler ipad apps, and also playing with a few new “specia toys” that mommy packed along.  It was a 2 1/2 hour flight to Phoenix, AZ, where we had a couple hour layover.  We layed out a blanket and had a lunch picnic on the airport floor and watched planes take off, and then walked around the airport to stretch our legs before hopping on the plane again for the flight to Austin. 
After a short 20-30 minutes into the second leg, Zeek fell asleep while I was reading to him.  It shows me how much his sleep and attitude towards sleep is completely changing!  He now seems to really embrace sleep.  He would never ever fall asleep sitting up or doing anything before.  You had to help him fall asleep and force him, because he never wanted to stop playing to take a nap break.  I was so shocked as I sat and read to him, and didn’t suspect him being sleepy at all, and mid sentence he bobbed his head and then curled up in my lap, round and round a few times like a puppy, before settling down and immediately closing his eyes to go to sleep.  All on his own.  πŸ™‚  It was so precious!  I was then able to finally get a little power nap myself and the flight to Austin felt very short.  (One of the joys of sleeping on the plane ride!)
Because of the lack of sleep for the day, we were all pretty wiped when we arrived here around 4 pm.  After my brother got off work, we went out for pizza and just relaxed at their home for the rest of the evening.  
We rose late this morning (9 instead of 7, although, technically it was 7 our time when we got up!), and took our time eating breakfast and getting showered.  
Then my sister in law took us to the coolest place ever.
A grocery store.
I’m not kidding.
It’s called Central Market and it was the most amazing thing ever.
Of course, Skyler and I both REALLY love to do grocery shopping, but this store was the coolest grocery store we had ever been to.  It was probably at least 50% organic, and TONS of bulk items, fresh baked goods that you put in paper bags like you would at a farmers market, TONS of veggies and fruit, cheeses, meats, olives… just wonderful things.  We spent about 2 hours there (well, about 1/2 hour we let Zeek play on the outdoor playground before it got too hot outside), and could have easily spent another hour wandering the aisles.  
As green and fresh and organic as Oregon is, I have NO idea why there isn’t a grocery store like this anywhere near where I live.  There’s a Whole Foods, but that’s even too “chain store” feeling compared to this.  
As an added bonus, for all the produce, you had to put it on a scale, put in the upc code and quantity and print a label for them to scan at the register.  As a girl who’s dream job is being a grocery store clerk, this was a very exciting added bonus. πŸ˜‰  (I’m not totally lame, am I?  Anyone else get excitement of scanning things and entering UPC codes?!)
Anyway, it was the best way to spend our mid-morning before homing home for lunch and nap time. Skyler’s only request is that we get to go there at least one more time before we go home. πŸ™‚  Otherwise, he doesn’t care what we do in TX.  
Tomorrow though, I think we’re all going to make a trip down to San Antonio for SeaWorld.  Cannot wait!  I haven’t been since I was 16 and went with my cousin, aunt and uncle in Florida.  Did you know I used to be a die-hard oceanographer wanna be?  My dream job from about 4th grade until 2nd semester of senior year of high school was to be a dolphin trainer at SeaWorld.  
Only problem?
I can’t swim.
But that’s just a minor set-back. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, looking forward to enjoying our time off and away from “life” before nursing school starts up again in a few weeks.  Enjoying my family time.  πŸ™‚  
Hope you all have an awesome weekend!

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