Humidity, SeaWorld, Family and Food.

We made it home last night.
Hot, tired, hungry and one sore pregnant lady with fat swollen feet.
But we made it. šŸ™‚
We had such a wonderful time in Austin, Texas visiting my brother Jeremy and his wife Shannon.
I surprisingly didn’t take too many photo’s on this trip either.  We (joyfully) spent much of our time just relaxing together around their house, watching movies, playing games, visiting, eating and some wandering around Austin.  Amidst all this, I didn’t pull out my camera very often. šŸ™‚  Just didn’t think much of taking pictures this trip.
On that note, the ones I did take seemed to come out funny.  I think my camera wasn’t used to the humidity and my camera lens was sort of fogged over the entire time, which made for very unclear, fuzzy photo’s.  Boo.
It was freakin’ hot there still.  104 the first couple days we were there.  Then the “cool front” hit and it dropped to 94-95.  But it was still humid.  Especially the last couple days.  Those were nasty.  And we didn’t even get to experience a Texan thunderstorm this time!  It hit right after we flew out, fortunately and unfortunately. 
Skyler, Zeek and I did make it down to San Antonio to SeaWorld for one day (while Shannon and Jeremy had some other commitments).  We also journeyed all together to a few parks, a cave, playing with Mabel the dog (whom Zeek was OBSESSED with and would wake up calling “ABBBA!” which was his word for Mabel.)
 Watching the Clyde & Seamore Show

Playing in the Sesame Street kids splash zone.  Felt soo nice on that hot day!
 My little cheese-ball.

The dolphins
Zeek’s favorite: the Sesame Street carousal 

Of course, we got a smashed penny (or two).

Zeek was in love with Mabel from the moment he laid eyes on her.  They played, he fed her her food, one nugget at a time, they lounged, they shared a doggy bed, they cuddled.  Total BFF’s by the end of the week. šŸ™‚

We climbed to the top of Mt Bonnell to see the best views in Austin.

Zilker Park (a beautiful park and spring!)

Cave near Austin (I’m bug-eye’d in every single photo from the cave!)

The cutest thing to ever stroll around in boots.
 These last few are from the morning that we left.  The last couple days were ESPECIALLY humid because a storm was coming.  These pictures are REALLY fogged up, but I love how it ended up making them look like really old pictures.  Plus, the two faces in this first photo crack me up.  So serious.

We ate at some amazing places (which I guess is the best thing to do in Austin.  They DID have incredible food.  And I think I gained at least 10 lbs this week, not pregnancy related at all!).
We had Amy’s Ice Cream, Pappasito’s (incredible Tex-Mex), Hop Doddy (which Skyler deemed the BEST burger he has ever had in his life.  Which was big for him to say.), Torchy’s Taco’s, Rudy’s BBQ (actual authentic BBQ.  Unlike anything in the NW.), and Skyler, Zeek and I ate at Cracker Barrel (we have to if we’re nearby a location.  Memories. :)).
Rudy’s – where you ate directly on the table!  
Turkey, beef, sausage, creamed corn, coleslaw and baked beans! 
I want to go back to Texas now.  Gimme some more Rudy’s!!
We really had such a nice relaxing time with my family!  I loved taking Skyler to Texas, since he wasn’t able to make it there the last time we went for Jeremy & Shannon’s wedding (Which, by the way, if you check out their wedding link, make sure to watch the funniest best man speech ever!  I just re-watched it and it makes me laugh every time. :)) 
Anyway, it was a perfect little family getaway where we just got to chill and forget reality for a moment, before Skyler prepping for school starting again next week. 
Hope you all have had a lovely week too!
P.S. I was a little unsure how traveling would go this time around with a walking toddler on a plane.  The last times he flew, he was 2 months and 10 months – MUCH easier to contain!  
Zeek did a really awesome time the entire 2 legs of the flight, there and back.
Soon, I’ll share some tips that I learned for flying with a toddler! šŸ™‚

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