Organizing Freak. That’s me.

So, I’ve been nesting.  Big time.  And I’m taking full advantage of these instincts and energies!  I had several closets/cupboards that needed official organizing (rather than just heaped up piles of stuff in each one).   The bookshelves, the tv armoire, the kitchen cupboards, the closet pantry/catch-all, the coat closet, the laundry room. 

I started getting the itch to really get them taken care of, not just “sorta cleaned” any more.  And then I stumbled upon iHeart Organizing.   Woah.  I want this lady to come to my house.  She has some awesome ideas for organizing EVERYTHING.  And not just organized, but cute and practical and easy to implement.  I have spent a few hours perusing her blog already and then the itch became unbearable.  I went to Target.  And the Container Store.  (Unfortunately, the Container Store is far too pricey for me.  $16 for a small basket?  Times 10 baskets?  No thanks.)  I need (NEED) to make a trip to Ikea soon and very soon.  

Here’s a little glimpse at some before’s from some of the spaces I’ve been tackling (like a mad woman.  Or like a pregnant woman.  Sometimes they go hand in hand.):

Yeah.  I know.  “Yikes” is probably the word you’re looking for. 
If you’re judging me, do me a favor and don’t let me know. πŸ˜‰

My house has looked horrendous for a few days since I first started the organizing.  It looks more like I’m packing to move instead of cleaning and organizing.  It always gets worse before it gets better.  Shoot. 

Ok.  I’m getting off my tush and getting back to it.  Hopefully I’ll have some actual “after” pictures soon to show you! 


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