Beach Getaway and Train Ride

Part two of our fun filled weekend was spent at the coast!  As is becoming an annual tradition, we rented a beach house with whatever extended family members could make it.  This year we found a much bigger house in Waldport with some awesome panoramic views. 

Literally, our backyard for the weekend.

We walked down to the beach to play!

Daddy flew a kite, while Zeek looked on in amazement.

The second cousins!

I was done snapping photo’s, but Zeek wasn’t!  “Mama! Mama, cheeeeese!”
We spent several hours playing games and just relaxing together.
I love being in a beach house, even when if it’s cold and blustery out (though this weekend was mid 60’s, sunny and BEAUTIFUL!), and just lounging, playing games and eating with friends or family.
Best thing ever. šŸ™‚
Grandma Grace and Zeeky playing foosball.
 Late night games of Rook (which Skyler and I DOMINATED, by the way.), Sequence, Scum, Whoonu, etc. šŸ™‚
Dinner!  I made crock pot pulled chicken, which I learned about from Bec.  It was delicious!

 The cutest grandparents ever.  After I snapped this photo, Grandma says, “we just tolerate each other. giggle giggle.”  šŸ™‚  I love them.
We watched sunsets…

We had such a lovely time!  I suggested we make this a spring AND fall tradition of beach house rentals! šŸ˜‰  After we had to check out on Sunday, Skyler Zeek and I headed north on the 101 along the coastline.  We made a brief stop in Newport at the Hatfield Marine Science Center so Zeek could see the fish and feel the sea anemones in the touch tank, and also for a quick lunch.  We drove the 2 hours up to Tillamook (while Zeek napped) and stopped in at the Tillamook Cheese Factory for a quick visit and bite of cheese!
Viewing the factory production

“Zeek, say cheese!” (har har har.  I had to.)

Yummy samples!
Then we made it to our final destination: Garibaldi.
We had purchased tickets to ride the Oregon Scenic Railroad which was an old steam engine that we road for 30 minutes to Rockaway Beach (which was only 5 miles away, but the train went sloooowly), were able to get out on the beach for 30 minutes and then hop back on the train for a 30 minute ride back to Garibaldi.
Zeek, lover of trains, was in heaven.  He thought it was the coolest thing and loooved climbing around the train at the Garibaldi station (an old train that is stationary and retired), and boarding the train we were to ride!  

The arrival of our train picking us up!

The old car we rode in.

Rockaway Beach
A strangely friendly squirrel…

Chasing seagulls.

My sweet boys.

What an awesome weekend!!  So thankful to be blessed with amazing weather at this time of year.  
Hope you all had a great weekend too. šŸ™‚


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