So Thankful.

Do you ever have one of those days where everything is “by chance” or “by good luck” that it all works out okay for you?  Where you think, “wow, if this hadn’t happened when it did, then this would’ve been bad!”

I had that day yesterday.  That day, where after every next move that worked out in my favor, I had to stop and say, “thanks, God”.  Perhaps it wasn’t much to some people, but to me, it just reassured me that He takes care of those who love Him and that He does make all things work together for our good.

It started with pulling out of a parking lot in Aurora, (which is about 35 min, or 24 miles, from my house) and I heard the all too familiar sound thud, thud, thud.  I knew without getting out that I had a completely flat tire.  Been there, done that too many times.

It was 3:15.  I called Skyler, knowing he was in Albany (more than an hour, or 50 miles, south of me) just about to go into a haircut.  He told me to either call my dad, call his brother or flag someone down to help me.  I’m the kind of gal that would never flag someone down for help, but would get all the gear out and be jacking that car up and using my strength against those lug nuts, 7 months pregnant or not.

I opted with calling my dad first, even though I had a hunch he would probably be at home in Albany also that that point in the day.  He works for the Marion County Housing Authority, which means he could be ANYWHERE in Marion County at any given moment, but he was usually done working between 3 and 3:30 and was headed home.  He answered and by the grace of God, he happened to be in Woodburn, only 7 miles down the road from me.  He just happened to have to use the restroom and pulled over to stop just before I called – otherwise he would have been on I-5 heading south for Albany long ago.   So thankful.

He pulled up next to me shortly after and got to work on my tire.  Notice in the photo above that one lug nut looks a little different?  Apparently that’s a locking lug nut.  Who knew?  Dad did!  (I wouldn’t have had ANY idea what to do with that!)  He suggested I looked in the glove box for the “key” socket for it, because the tire wasn’t coming off without it.  Sure enough, it was there.  How had I never noticed it before?!  I would’ve never known to think of looking there or what I was even looking for.  So thankful.

The first attempt to get the locked lug nut off resulted in chipping part of it away.  Whoops.  He tried again.  The entire top broke off.  We called Les Schwab for suggestions and they said if we could get there car there (in Woodburn) then they had a tool they could get it off with.

Dad happened to be in his work truck (which has pretty much anything to be able to fix a house with in it) and just so happened to have an air compressor in there.  How lucky was that?!  So thankful.

He managed to get enough air in there and it seemed to be holding the air.  All the while, this was about 45 minutes – an hour of an ordeal so far.  What did Zeek do?  Sat in his car seat, quietly munching on some snacks and watching his Bopa work on the car.  He was patient, calm and quiet the whole time.  Not irritated at having to sit in his car seat without the car moving.  Not irritated that he didn’t get to run around and play.  I was SO so proud of him.  And so thankful.

We got the car to Les Schwab and after about an hour of messing with it, they were able to get the broken locked lug nut off, as well as the tire.  Zeek, Grandpa and I just sat inside Les Schwab, munched on popcorn and watched tv.

My dad had to take off then to get to a meeting, but it looked as though the tire would be fixed and I’d be back on the road within 15 minutes.

Then they came and told me that my tire was unrepairable.  Which then resulted in 4 new tires.  And another 45 minute wait time.  I was glad at the idea of getting all new tires on my car before the rainy season comes (soon and very soon).

Zeek and I were starving at this point (since it was 5:30) and decided to walk down the road to the only food option:  Burger King.  (Well, it was that or McDonald’s.)  We got a some chicken nuggets and he was able to get out and run around outside in their play area.   The sun was shining, it was a beautiful afternoon and the temperature was perfect for being outside.   I sat there and thought about the whole afternoon and how everything worked out that day.  That dad happened to be around.  That he knew about the special key lug nut.  That he happened to have an air compressor on him.  That he was able to follow me to Les Schwab to make sure I got there safe.  That Zeek was incredibly well behaved and patient the whole afternoon.  That I wasn’t the emotional pregnant lady that seems to usually surface in those types of situations.  That it was sunny and we were able to get some food (although not top notch food) in our bellies.

Over 3 hours, 4 tires and almost $500 later, I was on the road home again.  Not irritated, not flustered, not overwhelmed.  But thankful.

Thankful that He works all things together for our good.


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