The Cabinet Swap

Remember I said I was really taking advantage of my nesting instincts?  Cleaning, purging and organizing… everything.

In anticipation of making some changes to Zeek’s room, I was trying to figure out what to do with the little book nook that he currently has.  This stuff in particular:

After looking at that little cabinet for a while (which has been empty for a few months now), I finally realized that it would be the perfect little nightstand for my side of the bed.  I have a cabinet there now, but I haven’t been completely thrilled with it.  I wanted something a little smaller, but that could hold the extra sheets for our bed and a couple other essentials.

This was my current nightstand:

I really like the look of it and the shabby chic finish.  But, it just wasn’t quite right for next to my bed.
I pulled this nightstand out of the room and replaced it with the little cabinet from Zeek’s room:

Already I was much happier!  I like the size of this one and the height is just right.  I don’t like having a bunch of extra’s on top of my nightstand (just the lamp!) so this made it feel like it wasn’t a lot of extra unused space on the top like the last one did.

I swapped out the old knob (wooden and scratched up) for this little blue one that I picked up at Hobby Lobby over a year ago, the last time I was visiting Texas.

I put my extra bed sheets and an extra blanket in the cabinet.  The little wooden box that used to sit on top of my other nightstand (with hardly anything in it.  Just a candle usually.) fit perfectly onto the top shelf:

The little box holds a few essentials:

My cell phone charger, a jar for my chapstick, my moisturizing lotion and my glasses.  (I can’t stand going to bed with chapped lips or dry hands!)
Now that my nightstand situation was taken care of and organized, I was able to move onto the next project where my old nightstand was moved….


I was working with this:

Yeah… it’s looked like that all summer… *embarrassing*  These were all the things I used often, but hated walked to the garage to get what I needed.  (Lazy.)  I had wanted a little gardening cabinet outside for quite a while.

On another note, see that white star?  That was one of my garage sale finds this summer!  I wanted something for that big wall space to help break it up.  I stumbled upon this star at a garage sale that was on the street just a couple over from mine and it was marked at only $5!  I was happy to find something so large for such a great price.

Of course, it was ugly when it came…

Dad spray painted it for me about a month ago and it’s sat on the back porch ever since.  I started my porch organizing by moving everything away from the wall, sweeping, moving the two chairs and the plants back, and then hanging this star right in the middle of it.  I moved the cabinet to the other end of the wall and hung up an old mirror/window that I had sitting since I moved into the house.

SO MUCH BETTER!!  I love how this looks.  Clean, crisp and put away.  (And let’s pretend it wasn’t sitting the other way all summer long.  Let’s just consider this really early prepping and organizing for the upcoming summer!! ;))  My project for next summer (which I better start on NOW, haha) is to sew different backs for the two chairs because these one’s are pretty faded (they’re supposed to be light green).

I love love love having this space to put all my gardening stuff away that was scattered on our porch and in our garage. 

Gardening gloves and kneeling pad.

Sprinkler (and the spray nozzle will go in here too)

My boots, watering can, mister (which entertains Zeek for hours, btw) and my awesome garden tool tote that I scored (with tools!) for only $7 at Target last year at the end of season clearance.
One (or two) organizing projects off my list.  My little nesting heart feels just a little better. πŸ˜‰  More and more organizing coming up. πŸ™‚

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