Our Baby Must Have’s

I’m a lucky enough girl to have some awesome friends throwing a TRIPLE baby shower in a couple weeks for me and two other friends who are all due within a few weeks of each other.  With getting a “Baby #2 Wishlist” together for the baby shower, I’ve gathered some of my favorite things we used with Zeek and will definitely be using with this second one.
Thought perhaps you’d be interested in what’s on my list for:
Baby Must-Have’s
1.  Baby Food Freezer Trays
We made our own baby food, so having a couple ice trays specifically for baby food was a must!  I was always throwing batches of different foods into the freezer in our ice cube trays.  I was making food for Zeek so frequently that it was very useful to have a couple freezer trays dedicated to his food.  I love these kinds with the lids and want to get some like this for #2.

When we were doing a baby registry with Zeek, the Bumbo chairs were getting some flack about kids falling out of them (mostly due to parents not paying attention or leaving the room and leaving them on the counter or something silly like that), and more recently the Bumbo company has been sending out “repair kits” to add seatbelts to their chairs.  We chose the Bebe Pod over the Bumbo for that reason – it has a seat belt as well as a buckle strap on the back and the bottom to securely attach to a chair for a travel high chair.  We used this chair for Zeek when he was learning how to sit up, we’ve used it over and over as a travel chair or for our friends’ kids as an extra high chair when they are over for dinner, and I also use this chair every time I give Zeek a haircut!  It straps him down and doesn’t go too high up his back that it’s hard to cut his hair.  I love that it can be just a chair with the white bulb attachment, or can be a high chair with the tray.
This chair has been so valuable to us!

Hands down, this has been one of our best and favorite purchases.  Even though the initial cost was somewhat high, this carrier has been used almost daily for over a year, and it still looks brand new.  This carrier has been a LIFESAVER!  I wore Zeek ALL over.  Grocery shopping, to church, on walks, everywhere.  He loved it and often was asleep when I wore him.
We started out with the standard Snugli carrier for the first few months of Zeek’s life.  I hated it.  It hurt my back and shoulders to carry him in it (even at only 7-12 lbs) and his legs just hung straight down in an uncomfortable fashion.  The Boba carrier is ergonomically correct for the child’s hip development and is COMFORTABLE to boot.  I can carry him in his (even at 25 lbs) for 4+ hours before my legs finally are tired, but my back and shoulders never feel sore or tired.  You can read about our baby wearing experience here.
 I actually just purchased this insert last month.  The Ergo is another baby carrier which is practically identical to the Boba.  You child has to be 14 lbs (I think) to be able to fit into the Boba/Ergo, so these inserts were made.   I found this brand new at a used baby sale, which is why I got the Ergo one, not the Boba one.  On second thought, I’m not even sure that the Boba has an infant insert yet… Since we will not be using our Snugli with this baby, we wanted the infant insert for the Boba because this baby will definitely be worn frequently!  This way, I don’t have to wait until the baby reaches 14-15 lbs.
I had seen and heard about the Moby wrap when I was pregnant with Zeek and always wanted to try it out, but wasn’t sure I wanted to shell out $45 for a second carrier.  I found this brand new at the same baby sale for only $16!  I figured this way, we have a back up in case both Zeek and Baby #2 need to be worn at the same time – Skyler wearing Zeek in the Boba, and me wearing #2 in the Moby Wrap.  A few of my friends had these and just loved them (as well as their babes!).  I cannot wait to try it out.

These were hands down my favorite nail clippers.  I had the scissors kind and another style and neither were very easy to use.  This style is easy to hold and work great.  I think they were around $4 or less at Target.  I love these so much that I bought 3-4 of them (because I’m always misplacing them!).

Any breastfeeding mama needs some sort of nipple cream!  Especially for the first few weeks while you’re still getting used to it.  The first few weeks can be tough, especially if you have cracked nipples.  I found some relief in this cream and would’ve had a much harder time without something like this to ease the pain!

I tried using reusable (washable) nursing pads for far too many months of breastfeeding.  The reusable kind never absorbed good enough or stayed in place well enough and I ended up with breastmilk stains on SEVERAL of my shirts.  I was so tired of ruining some of my favorite shirts, that I switched to these one day.  I will never look back!  Yes, you go through a box a month.  Yes, it’s worth the cost for saving your shirts.  These stay in place perfectly with a little bit of sticky on that back that sticks to your bra.  They absorb well ALL day long.  Seriously, these are the bomb.

Ok, obviously Zeek didn’t need these for several months.  But around 9-10 months, these things were AMAZING to have.  We now have about 6 of them.  We use them around the house or when we’re out and about.  They are so easy for him to get his snacks out of and they contain the mess and prevent spills.  The little handles are really easy for him to hold onto himself.  These have saved snacks that would otherwise have been all over Target’s floor more times than I can count. šŸ™‚
Every pregnant lady needs one of these – STAT!  My awesome MIL bought me one when I was about 9 weeks pregnant with Zeek and it gave me so many more sleep-filled nights where they surely would’ve been sleepless without.  It kept my hips from aching and let me feel like I was sleeping on my back (rolled over propped up sideways on the back of the pillow) which has always been my favorite sleeping position.  Read more about my experience with my Snoogle here.  
11.  Diaper Disposal Bags
These bags are found at the Dollar Tree in these parts of the world.  I first learned about them when my sister had infants.  She used these and I was so impressed with how well they worked, especially when you get 75 for $1.00!  You could put the world’s smelliest diaper in there, close it up, put it directly under your nose, take a DEEP whiff and… smell absolutely nothing, except maybe some baby powder.  These are so handy for traveling or when you’re at someone’s house and don’t want to smell up their house with a stinky diaper.  We’ve also used these for times we’ve been out and Zeek had blow outs or throw up and just put his whole outfit in these to take them home to wash.  Then your car doesn’t reek by the time you make it home.  šŸ™‚

We LOVE this soap!  We steer clear of Johnson & Johnson’s soap for the different chemicals that are in it.  This soap is very mild and works great on Zeek’s skin (which is unfortunately eczema prone just like his mama and daddy’s skin).  Just a very small amount lathers well and this soap seems to last forever.  I’ve found a large bottle of it (not sure of the size… perhaps the 32 oz) at Trader Joe’s for around $9. 

13.  Grandma El’s Diaper Rash Remedy
We were given Desitin and Butt Paste for baby showers with Zeek but never found that they worked that well.  They weren’t very easy to smear onto his skin (which he hated because the whole reason we put it on was because he had diaper rash and a sore bottom), and they smelled terrible.  I heard about Grandma El’s and went for it.  This brand is good for cloth diapers (which we use) because it doesn’t leave a greasy build up on the cloth inserts.  It smears very easily on his bottom and smells good!  We love this stuff and won’t go back.  A 3.75 oz tub is about $10, but this has lasted us a very long time.  We’ve been using it about a year now and have only used half of the tub.

 14.  The Happiest Baby on the Block
This is both a book and a movie – which we have read and watched both.  Our friends told us about this book and we went out and found it soon after.  It had great tips for soothing your crying baby and really did seem to work almost like magic.  A great read for a mom (or dad) in search of easy to implement tips on getting your baby to stop crying and sleep longer.

As parents who aren’t fans of letting your child cry themselves to sleep, this book was absolutely priceless.  After a few short weeks of following some suggestions from this book (when Zeek was around 14 months), Zeek was going to sleep in his crib without having to be rocked to sleep or have a bottle and with no fuss.  He would just lay down and go to sleep night after night and naptime after naptime.  I would suggest this book to anyone – even if you’re ok with letting your child cry to sleep!  Because maybe, just maybe, they won’t have to.  šŸ™‚

All of these photo’s were taken from Amazon.com

There you go!  15 of our top items that we had for Zeek and have thoroughly loved!  These will all be used on Baby #2 and likely all future children too. šŸ™‚ 

What were your baby must have’s?  What things did people tell you that you “had to have” that you never really used?  There are definitely things from common “must have” lists that we never used or never bought because we didn’t want all the “fluff” and excess baby items!


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