Ezekiel’s Birth Photo’s

A couple weeks ago, I was contacted by a friend I had met in our birth class that we went to when pregnant with Zeek.  She was a doula and also a photographer.  She came to Zeek’s birth for the first few hours and took some photo’s and offered support.  
She sent me the cd with the photo’s she had taken last week and it reminded me that I hadn’t ever shared any photo’s of our birth with you all.  (No, these aren’t “gross” birth pictures… don’t worry. :))
So, I put together a lil slideshow of the photo’s 
(some by the photographer Sarah and some by my cousin Andrea).
After watching my favorite birth slideshow ever, I fell in love with the song and had to put Zeek’s birth photo’s to the same tune. 🙂

Here are some additional photo’s that didn’t make the slideshow:

I labored in the tub when we first got there, but my contractions slowed after relaxing in the water and they suggested I get out and move around.  I walked around the birth center (which we had completely to ourselves on that crisp January night) with Skyler and paused for a “hug” at each contraction. 😉

Patricia or Pamela would come in the room and monitor baby’s heart rate with the handheld doppler every 30-45 min.

The pushing stages.   I remember Patricia and the apprentice Hannah came in the room then to sit and just watch.  Skyler and my cousin Andrea stopped chatting and the room grew quiet as I labored and pushed.  My “Labor” playlist played softly in the attached bedroom and I could hear the other midwife Pamela sitting on the bed, with the click click click of her knitting.  Skyler perfectly alternated between holding my hand during pushes and holding an ice cold wash cloth on my forehead in between contractions.  Without a word exchanged, he did exactly what I needed and wanted him to do.  
Such an intense but memorable time for me, right there, right then. 

I found comfort in holding Skyler’s hands, and prayed to God for His strength to get me through!

As I bathed and cleaned off, Skyler snuggled Zeek in the bed and Patricia checked him over. 

Just after birth.  What a long (but lovely) night!  I labored at the birth center from 8:30 pm and birthed Zeek at 6:27 am.  I was a tired mama.

But not too tired to check out my little dude!  Nursing and cuddling with my family.

A couple hours after birth, cutting the cord.

Daddy’s response, “that was spongy!”

Weighing Zeek and checking him all over.

My awesome (blurry) birth team!  Hannah, Patricia and Pamela
Heading home with our son on my birthday.
Not sure I’ll ever be able to top that birthday gift. 😉
If you weren’t around these parts back when Zeek was born, you can read his birth story here.
Looking forward to having another story of my own, soon and very soon. 🙂


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