Organize: TV Center & DVD’s

I mentioned a while ago that I stumbled upon the blog  It was love at first sight for this nesting mama.  I read through post after post after post and was in awe.  And a little jealous that I don’t have a budget of running out and grabbing all sorts of bins and boxes to organize EVERYTHING in my house.  ‘Cuz I really wanna.

As soon as I read this post showing how a reader organized her DVD’s, I was ready to kick my butt into gear and get some of our spaces organized. (Rather than just sitting on the couch THINKING of how lovely it would be to organize.)  My inspiration picture:

Remember my shabby chic armoire redo?  The outside got a make-over, but the inside was never neat or tidy.  This is what I started with:

The top of the armoire has a large open space because this is originally a clothes armoire.  Someday (likely not until after nursing school is done!) I want Skyler to add a top shelf into this so I can store the video camera bag, DSLR camera bag and iPad, etc.  For now, they just get tucked behind the tv (which is fine with me because they’re out of sight!).  Also, yes.  That is an orange gun.  For a lil’ sumthin’ sumthin’ called Big Buck Hunter Pro.  Because this happens in my house:

Yes, SOME of us in this household are a wee bit hillbilly.

Everything was cleared out and gone through.  Old music CD’s were sorted as well as all of our DVD’s.  What we never watched went into the garage sale box.  We got rid of the extra DVD player that we never used (since there’s one in the side of our tv).  It’s been sitting unused for a year and a half, since we moved into the house!  Time for it to go.

All of my DVD’s had been kept in a cd storage binder, which I hated.  I hated flipping through the entire binder whenever looking for a particular movie.

I headed to Staples, picked up some Memorex clear cd sleeves and a couple of media storage boxes from the Container Store for about $6 each.

With the help of some Avery labels, some random colors of cardstock paper, an aqua stamp pad and a little ABC stamp set that I picked up, I was able to whip up some divider’s within a couple episodes of Friends. πŸ˜‰

I transferred all of the DVD’s from the binder into the clear cd sleeves.

Using a box I had found at Goodwill for $7, as well as my new media boxes, I was able to sort and organize all of the DVD’s and they fit into the armoire perfectly together!  Ohh, happy day.  The large box is exactly the right size for storing all of my tv series’ and trilogy movies.  The other media box holds my documentaries, work out videos and unopened videos.  (Yes… I don’t know why we have unopened movies.  We just do.  We often opt to watch Friends or The Office at night vs a movie.  :))

Take a look:

A perfect fit.

I was a little shocked how perfectly it all came together. 

I love how the movies look in the colorful alphabetized box!  MMM hmm.  This should keep everything a lil’ more organized around here!

As for the drawer,  it was a nightmare.  A mishmash of everything random.   I must not have taken a “before” picture, which is probably better for your eyesight and my dignity.  Just imagine a horrendous mess of papers, coupons, cd’s, remotes, magazines and booklets.  And a lot of other random crap.

Here’s the after:

MUCH better.  Still not fantastic, but at least organized and cleaned out.  I still need to take time to really go through the cd’s in the tub (photo cd’s mostly, and some unmarked mystery cd’s), and the tub of video camera tapes need to be sorted through.

The big black binder holds our music cd’s and the other cd holds all of the recent photo cd’s from all the photos (THOUSANDS, seriously.) that I have been slowly removing from our computer.  And ONE remote.  That’s all we have now and all we need.  πŸ™‚

There you go!  On my way to being a more organized mama.  This nesting heart pitter patters a little happier now.  πŸ˜‰


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