Organize: Diaper Changing Station

We’ve never really had a great solution for diaper storage at our house.  When Zeek was born, we used the top of my old sewing desk as his changing table and put all of his diapers/wipes in boxes on the shelves on the side of the desk.

This is how it looked at our old house (which pretty much is how it remained for several months at our new house too):

This worked fine for a while, but it was never that great.  Once I started redoing Zeek’s room, I removed and sold the desk.  We started changing Zeek on the floor (using the changing pad still for poopy diapers).  We loved this so much better and tried to figure out the best place to put the diapers.  We tried in the little white cabinet by Zeek’s bookshelves:

It worked okay, but was really a bit too small to hold everything.  Then I realized that there was plenty of unused space underneath Zeek’s bed.  I started searching for the perfect basket(s) to put under the bed.  While at Ikea with my MIL a couple weeks ago, I found these:

At only $2.50 each, I didn’t figure I could go wrong!  Plus, I love the wire basket look.  
I got two for under the bed – one for cloth diapers and one for disposable diapers, wipes and rash cream.
They fit under the bed just perfectly, with enough space for an extra pack of disposable diapers and a step stool for Zeek to be able to climb into his big boy bed.  (Now I just need to make labels!  Ok, I don’t “need” to.  But I really “want” to! ;))
Let’s take a closer look:

Plenty of space for his cute cloth diapers and inserts.  (We use GDiapers).

Disposable diapers, disposable GDiaper inserts, homemade baby wipes, lotion, Grandma El’s diaper ointment and those awesome diaper trash bags.
I love it.  So easy.  So neat.  
Now to just add a few mini diapers in the mix when this new little one arrives.  πŸ™‚
I also need to make a new bedskirt to hide this diaper storage.  I removed the other one when we changed Zeek’s crib to a big boy bed.  I bought material to make a crib skirt for this bed, as well as for a future toddler bed for Zeek once the little one comes (which we will then turn his current bed back into a crib).
I’m excited to use more of these awesome baskets for other things around the house!
One more area organized and off the list!  Check!

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