A Name.

Well… we’ve finally figured it out.  Finally settled on names.

If you’ve been around this ol’ blog long enough, you might remember when we talked about names when I was pregnant with Ezekiel.  We had decided that for a boy, our name would be Ezekiel Pierce (done!) and if it was a girl, we’d name her Ellery Grace.

We threw around some other girl names for this pregnancy, but ultimately landed back on Ellery Grace, which I am thrilled about.  This is what I had said about choosing the name Ellery Grace before:

Ellery Grace: Ellery (English) means A Cheerful Woman; Bringer of Joy.  Grace (Latin) means Having God’s Favor; the Personification of Beauty, Charm and Grace.
I found Ellery almost immediately in the Baby Name book and it just fell heavy on me and I knew I wanted a daughter named Ellery. Bringer of Joy.  I knew that surely you would be bringing us years of joy.  I can picture you already – adorable little toddler with wavy brown hair (and daddy’s dimple?!), smiling and chattering up a storm with friends, family and strangers alike.  Giggling.  Spreading the laughter.  You will bring joy to those around you.   Your daddy took a little warming up to the name, since it was more unique but once he thought it over, he agreed it was a beautiful name and it will be yours if you are our little lady!  
Grace was chosen as a reminder of God’s grace for us but mostly because your great grandmother named Grace is one of the most enjoyable and wonderful women I have ever met in my entire life.  She defines cheer and joy and has the most beautiful soul.  I will be honored to have a daughter named after that amazing woman someday. πŸ™‚
For the boy name this time, we had a much harder time.  Maybe it isn’t even that it was harder, but more like we’ve had a lot less time to just dwell on this pregnancy (with having a busy toddler running around) verses being childless and pregnant with Ezekiel.  We didn’t find many opportunities to talk about baby names.  The few times we did, I tossed around a name a few times to see what Skyler thought about it.  He liked the name and the meaning (which is important to us), but ultimately it was me that decided I wasn’t sure if I liked how the first name went with our last name, Anderson.  
I set the name aside and tried on other names for size… None of them sat well with me and I kept going back to our original name.  The morning after our ultrasound, Zeek and I headed to the Riverfront Park for a while to play on the playground.  As we were sitting on a bench and sharing a breakfast burrito, I turned, saw a park sign (which I had never noticed at the park before) and stopped and stared for a minute.  It was the name I had liked and kept going back to.  With our last name.  I snapped a photo and sent it to Skyler, along with the caption, “So, Zeek and I are eating breakfast at the Riverfront Park, and I think I saw a sign from God…”
Here’s what I saw: 
 Asher.  Asher Anderson.
I love it.   
So we had settled on a first name, but didn’t have a middle name still.  The other day, we finally found some time to sit and think about names again.  I flipped through our baby name book and a name generator online.  Skyler wasn’t much help.  He wanted a “strong” name… So he suggested… Stone…  
No thanks, honey.  Chosing a strong name doesn’t have to mean chosing a strong substance like a boulder.  
After that, he was full of REALLY good ideas.  He was particularly proud of Asher Smasher.  Cuz’ that’s even stronger than Stone.  Duh.  (You can read about Skyler’s awesome name suggestions for Ezekiel’s pregnancy too.) 
I humored him and we kept Stone on the table (though I knew I’d fight against it if we came down to it).  Personally, I kept coming back to Miles or Milo.  I liked the sound of it and I liked the meaning.  We ran out of time to settle on a name that night.
Then I saw “Milo” on my good friend’s car that next morning.  (Plus, Milo and Otis was one of my FAVE movies growing up, and that TOTALLY played a huge part in picking the name…. not really.  But I thought I’d throw in that tidbit.)
And I decided that’s what it was going to be.    

Asher Milo: Asher (Hebrew) means Filled with happiness.  Milo (German) means One who is merciful / A soldier.
So, in just a couple short months, we will welcome either a son or a daughter.
An Asher Milo Anderson or an Ellery Grace Anderson.
I cannot wait to see who has been residing in me for the last several months. πŸ™‚

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