Here’s another “Lately” catch up to show you that we have still been living and breathing over here. πŸ™‚
Most of these lately times were captured from my iphone.
Thank goodness for technology, huh?  I know I wouldn’t have captured half these photo’s without it…
We harvested lots of tomatoes from our garden.

I dehydrated most of them.

Then I harvested the very last out of our garden…
And made and canned 6 quarts of spaghetti sauce.

Zeek and I had a lovely sunny play date at The Gilbert House.
He could play in the train room for hours.
Then my husband cheered for my least contestant ever on DWTS.
Bristol left the show that night.
Serves him right for cheering for her.

Zeek discovered my favorite toy ever from childhood.
Magnet building blocks/cars.
He will put all 4 wheels in very systematically, pull them all off and set them on the ground, and then put them all back in.  And then pull them all back off.  Repeat, repeat.  2 hours later….
Last week, I told daddy I was taking Zeek out for a few hours to give Skyler some quiet study time.
We came home with a new pet (or 4) to surprise daddy with.

It’s safe to say that Zeek’s obsessed with watching them.

He’s always asking me, “mama, blub blub blub EAT?!”
Translation: “Mama, can we feed the fish?” 
Yes. “Blub blub blub” is what he calls fish.
Because it’s what noise fish make.  Obv. 

And then he’ll pull up his chair to stand and watch them some more…

Last weekend, we had the last West Coast Paintball Series tournament (speedball) for the season!  We still have one more woodsball event next weekend.
We took some photo’s to remember all of the hard work and energies we have poured into this series over the last few years!  This tournament series has been with us since a few weeks before our wedding.  It was a bittersweet day.

And then, we had to get one like this:
Because we also took one when I was pregnant with Zeek two years prior…
Also last weekish, I had a friend over for a play date, a MOPS (Moms of Preschooler’s) monthly get together, a mom’s Bible study, a midwife appointment, and my MIL took me out to the casino for a (very early) birthday date of some buffet and slots!  (Which, btw, is my ultimate favorite birthday present ever which my MIL has given me two years in a row now…and she can go ahead and keep on with the tradition… *hint hint*  I know you’re reading this…) πŸ™‚  

And then today, Zeek and I spent the morning at Chuck E Cheese.

Where there was only 1 other family, with a toddler and an infant.
Eating pizza at 10:30 am.
And one lone middle aged man sitting in a booth by himself for nearly the entire time we were there.
Otherwise, the place was ours!
We had a whole bag of left over tokens from when we took Zeek for his birthday.

And that’s what’s been up with the Anderson’s. πŸ™‚
Now you can sleep better tonight.
You’re welcome.

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