21 Months

Well, Little Man, you are 21 months now and I never even got around to posting about you at 20 months.  You have such a large vocabulary now and try to repeat almost everything we say that it’s going to be very difficult to write down all your new words, so I’ll just highlight the one’s that are especially cute or funny. πŸ™‚

Some of my fave recent pics of you:

  • You are starting to put 3-4 words together now and although it doesn’t always make sense, I can usually figure out a loose translation.  
  • You’ve really gotten down “thank you mama” (though you say it more like, “dank du”) and the correct timing for it.  However, you haven’t differentiated that the “mama” part is only for when you’re thanking me, not everyone else!  Daddy took you to his Young Life (high school church group) meeting the other night and he said you were saying “thank you mama” to everyone there.  πŸ™‚  This is ok with me.  At least you’re still being polite!
  • You tell full on stories with such energy and excitement in your voice and hand gestures that I REALLY wish I knew what all you were telling me!  I’m sure they’re great stories because they always make you giggle as you are telling them!  
  • You used to stand up in your high chair when after you were eating and wave your arms around, signaling to us that you were done with your food.  The first few times you did this, Daddy busted up laughing and then you continued to do it, with a smirk and twinkle in your eye, thinking you were just hilarious.  In the last few days, it seems you’ve grown too much to be able to squeeze out of your chair anymore to stand up.  (Mama’s glad).
  • You have gotten really good at going to bed over the last few months!  Our routine goes like this: pajamas, brush teeth, read books, hugs and kisses, climb into bed, pray, more kisses, say “night night” to each other, then I blow you a kiss from the door way, walk out and close the door.  And you close your eyes and go right to sleep.  At naptime, we get sweats or shorts on you, climb into bed, hugs and kisses, say good night and I close the door and you either talk or sing to yourself for a few minutes before going to sleep, or just get quiet and go to sleep right away.  This is seriously amazing.  I always hoped this day would come (you going to bed to easily and eagerly) and it’s here.  And I am fully loving and embracing it.  Plus, you go to bed early – 7:15/7:30 most often.  Then mama and daddy have the whole evening to ourselves to just hang out and relax. πŸ™‚
  • We made your crib into a toddler bed a couple months ago (after it was too difficult for me to lift you over into your crib anymore, with my growing tummy).  You fell out of bed the first night that you slept in the toddler bed, but you haven’t fallen out since!  You love to get out of bed when you wake up (7-7:30 am) and walk into our room to either climb into bed and snuggle with us for a while, or stand at my side of the bed and beg “eat?! eat? EAT!?” until I get out of bed.  (One is more endearing than the other). 
  • You got your first pet last week (4 goldfish) and are obsessed with them!  You are always pulling the little toddler chair in your room over to stand on and watch them.  
  • You have discovered the little magnet car/block toys that I had when I was little.  I LOVED them and would build with them for hours.  You also love them.  You will sit with them for about an hour and put all 4 wheels in the car, take them all out and set them on the ground in a row, and then put them all back in.  And then take them all back out.  It’s amazing how you can (and will) do something so simple over and over and over again.  I’m so glad you love them. πŸ™‚
  • You’ve started to come around to the idea of sitting on the potty again, like mommy and daddy do.  You’ve been willing to go and sit several times now, but so far no actual business in the potty… But I’m hopeful that we’ll start actual potty training sooner than later. 
  • We’ve started talking to you a lot more about the new baby.  I will talk to you about being a big brother (which you have started to call yourself and hearing you say “broyah” and point to yourself is about the most adorable thing ever.).  I was washing some baby clothes the other day and explaining how your baby brother or sister will be wearing these clothes and asked if you wanted to help me take care of the new baby when he/she arrives, to which you eagerly answered “yesh!”  You seem to be getting excited about the baby.  You still always want to hug and kiss my tummy whenever you can see my stomach bare (which is often because I currently hate having any clothing touching my stomach.).
  • You LOVE to sing along with songs.  Your current favorites are Paradise by Coldplay (still your fave), Baby by Justin Bieber (I regret playing that song for you), Barbara Ann by Beach Boys.  You also love a cd that your uncle Logan gave daddy (a folk band), because they do a lot of “la la la” “ba ba ba” and “hey!”‘s in them, so you can easily sing along. 
  • You will copy just about anything that anyone does, and you crack yourself up while doing it.  We have a lot of face making competitions around here.
  • When you wake up in the morning, you love to snuggle with me in bed and you take over my Snoogle.  It’s so hard to fight someone so cute and cuddle to get my pillow back.  
  • After we feed your fish, you always watch the food floating on top of the water and try to coax the fish to eat the food: “up, up up!”

(Funny) Words You Say
  • “broyah” – brother
  • “appa” – apple (I love how you say it so cute and sweetly)
  • “yes” – I just love the crisp clear way you say yes to everything.  Sometimes I overly ask questions and ask unnecessary/random questions, just to hear you say yes. πŸ™‚
  • “ot dog” – we found some (higher) quality hot dogs (turkey and chicken) at Trader Joes a few weeks ago and you are obsessed with them.  You often ask for a “ot dog” for lunch.  
  • “wheeeee-al” – with your favorite magnet car blocks, you always are losing the wheels and coming and asking me to help you find you “wheeee-al’s”.  SO adorable!

 Little boy, you are growing up so so fast.  I keep just watching you.  Just enjoying who you are and trying to memorize everything you do.  How you lay down in bed and snuggle your puppies.  How your adorable little lips look when you have your mouth stuffed full of food and you are trying hard to chew and keep all the food in your mouth at the same time.  How you love to stomp in puddles with your boots on.  How you will walk around the house and clean up crumbs from the ground and go throw them in the garbage.  How your face lights up when you hear daddy come in the front door and you drop whatever you’re doing to go run and greet him. 

I love you so so much and am still having a hard time grasping how in a couple short months I’ll have another little being to love.  I’m still not sure how it’s possible to love someone other than you as much as I love you, but I know it will happen.  I’m just trying to soak in you and your last bit of baby-ness and the last couple months of time that we have, just you and me.

Love you Zeek Monkey.  You’ll still always be my Baby.

Your Mama K

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