The Forgotten Camera…

Back in the day before my wonderful husband let me buy a Nikon D5000 camera, we used a little ol’ Kodak point and shoot.  The little camera hardly gets used anymore, but I do often keep it in my purse (since the camera is so small and my purse is so large) so that I always have a camera on me, even when not lugging around my big Nikon.

Anyway, that said, I use it here and there, but I often forget to take the photo’s off!!!  So here’s a little photo dump from my lil’ trusty point and shoot.  šŸ™‚

Remember when I took Zeek to Chuck E Cheese recently?  Well, seems daddy was a little jealous of all of our fun that day, because he suggested we all go to Wunderland that evening for some more gaming!  Here are some photo’s from our time there:

He was SO good!

He loved handing me the balls to roll into the baskets.  Fun for Zeek and fun for Mama! šŸ™‚
And then, maybe you remember when Zeek went to the birthday party at the carousel in downtown Salem… Here are a just a couple from the party.
Zeek and his buddy Ella giving “knuckles”.  They are too adorable for words.

And finally, I met up with my friend Maria and her daughter Gretchen a couple weeks ago for the Veteran’s Day Parade down in Albany.  Did you know it’s the biggest Vet’s Day parade on this side of Mississippi?!  Isn’t that weird?  Yet, so many people in Salem and Silverton don’t even know about it.  Sad, sad.  šŸ™‚  It’s always been a fun tradition for me (since growing up in Albany), so I really wanted to take Zeek.  I knew he’d love it with all of the cars, horses, motorcycles, school bands, etc.  
Here are some photo’s from the parade:
My FAVE part of the whole parade!  It starts off with a bang with a couple hundred bikers riding by.  Coolest thing ever.  šŸ™‚  Zeek LOVED it.

My second favorite part: the bagpipes!  Man, I’d love to learn how to play!

Zeek and Gretchen all cute and watching the Parade.  šŸ™‚

Anyway, I know it’s been pretty quiet around here.  It will probably be that way at least for another month.  I’ve been working my tail off getting Zeek’s presents done (the BIG one is DONE.  Done done done, all done!  *whew*), finishing up the Quiet Book now, wrapping all the other presents for our big and growing families, getting a wee bit of Christmas decor up (we’d normally have the tree by now, but Skyler’s Fall Term final is next Mon, so we’re going to wait until after then.), and enjoying Thanksgiving with both of our families.  šŸ™‚  Also, been prepping for birth.  Buying stuff, cleaning house, organizing still, washing and folding baby clothes… sitting on the couch when my overgrown basketball belly feels like it’s getting too much in the way.  šŸ™‚ 
Off to work on the Quiet Book until bed!

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