Chicken and Bowling.

You wouldn’t expect a Thanksgiving post from me any sooner than a week later, right?
At least it’s still November.
Right?  It’s still November, isn’t it?
My days and weeks are flashing by.
Whenever people ask me how many weeks I am along, I give them the deer in the headlights look.
Every time.
I don’t know.
I can’t remember.
I know I’m gonna give birth soon.
That’s all I care to remember.  🙂
Anyway, back to Thanksgiving.
We are on an every other year schedule with celebrating Thanksgiving with either Skyler’s family or my family.  This year was Skyler’s family’s turn, but for simplicity’s sake (for all of us growing families), they opted to celebrate on Wednesday instead.
And like a total lame person, I forgot to take any photo’s.
At all.
No one in the family did.
But we did celebrate.
We DID have a feast.  
(Have I told you how amazing my father in law is in the kitchen?  I’m always picking his brain for recipes and “how-to’s”.)
 We stayed up late playing games with Skyler’s parents, brother, sister and sister’s fiance.
Always a loud and fun event.
Always girls vs. guys.
And boys always win.
By cheating.
The girls really win, but we let them have their pride.  😉
A couple days before Thanksgiving, we got the genius idea to invite my parents over for dinner on actual Thanksgiving so that they weren’t spending it alone and neither were we.
I prepared a mini-feast.
Roasted chicken (with my father in law’s turkey recipe.  AMAZING.)
Deviled eggs.
Broccoli salad.
Apparently Zeek was starving and quite impatient to begin the feast! 😉

Me: “Everyone, look at the camera and say cheese!”
Everyone:  Attempt to make a ‘cheese’ face.  I think?
Me:  “Yikes.” 

Oh so slightly better.  🙂

 Zeek:  “Get the camera out of my face and get food in it instead!”
After our mini-feast, we enjoyed each others’ company for a while and browsed the Black Friday ads over some coffee and desserts.
And then.
We all went bowling.  🙂
Quite possibly the BEST thing ever to do on Thanksgiving.
Hardly anyone else was there.
It was $5 per person to play unlimited games, shoes included.
Zeek bowled for free.
We took over two lanes – one for normal bowling and one for bumper bowling.
Naturally, Zeek was just adorable.
And loved it.


And this big mama bowled.
I wasn’t terrible.
I counted it as a win.
I think I even beat someone one game.
My highest score was 105.
Triple digits, baby!
 Don’t laugh.
We played 4-5 games (on two lanes!) and had quite the work out running back and forth from lane to lane.  Zeek had fun.  We had fun.
I will suggest this again for next year.  😉
Maybe I’ll even be a little better.

 Quite possibly one of our very last “Family of Three” photo’s.
I adore it.
And that cheesy grin son of mine.
On the way out of the bowling alley, the guy behind the counter asked me if I was trying to smuggle a bowling ball out.
Dad laughed and high-fived him for that one.
Thanks dad.
I was less amused but still giggled politely.
Funny buddy.  Real funny.
Maybe I’ll go back after baby is born and I WILL smuggle out a bowling ball with my maternity pants on.  
Bet you wouldn’t have the guts to check me.
Joke’s on you.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving celebration too and a wonderful time with friends and family.

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