{Quiet Book} Life Jacket Page

One more page done!

(OK, truthfully, I’ve finished all the pages that I’m going to do for the book for now and I’m now working on sewing the pages together, binding them and sewing a book cover.  But I thought I’d show you each page separately still…)

This one was one of the more simple ones that I was excited to do (because I knew it’d take only about 1/2 hour and be very easy!).  I didn’t have a template for this one.  I just thought it up, but I’m sure someone, somewhere has done a similar page too.  Nothing is original in life anymore.  Especially not with the invention of Pinterest. πŸ˜‰

Zeek loves to buckle things so I knew I had to add a page with buckles in it.  He’s not good at unbuckling yet, but loves to buckle.  This will be another page he will grow into more as he learns to unbuckle for himself too.

I found these fun little reflector buckles in Jo-Ann’s and thought they made the life jacket a little more fun with color.  πŸ™‚

More pages coming up!


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