Christmas Cheer

With everything happening last week, the sad tragedies of both the Portland Mall shooting and the Sandy Hook shooting, I thought blog land needed a little bit of Christmas cheer.  This is not the make light of either situation because both were horrific, but this is to hopefully help induce some smiles on your faces. 
A few years ago, my (brother’s) buddy’s from school started posting Christmas video’s each year.
The release of every “Creid Christmas” song/video has been a highlight of each Christmas season for me!
The one this year especially made Skyler and I laugh.
When this song played on our Pandora Christmas station a few days after watching this video, we just looked at each other, laughed and agreed that we would never be able to hear this song any longer, without the image of Reid in our minds.
Perhaps it helps to know the characters of these two fellows (Reid & Garrett), but oh my goodness.
I think you’ll find them funny too. πŸ™‚
Without further ado, this years Creid Christmas:

And, if you enjoyed that… the last couple years’:

You’re welcome.
Merry {almost} Christmas!

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