{Christmas Traditions} Storybook Land

There are a few Christmas traditions that we have done every year since being married.
One of them is Storybook Land in Albany (my hometown, where my parents still live). 
Before Zeek joined our family, we went with our niece and nephew.
It’s always pretty much the same but it’s always fun to bundle up (it’s in a cold barn at the Linn County Fairgrounds) and walk through the story scenes with everyone.  šŸ™‚
This is a non-profit organization that sets up for a couple weeks each year at Christmas.  Volunteers gather (and store in the off-season) all sorts of stuffed animals and pieces to put together fun display’s of old nursery rhymes and Disney movies.
Here are the pictures from our time there this year:

Zeek LOVED this huge train/village set up.  He ran back to it about 10 times before he let us go.  šŸ™‚
He could have sat and stared at it all night long if we let him. 

We could hardly get Zeek to stop looking at Sesame Street and turn around long enough for a picture!
He loves Ernie and Elmo. 

He thought the little girl doll (almost his size) was real.  She was waving her candle back and forth and so Zeek kept waving at her and saying, “hi, hi!”  I’m not sure if the poor fella ever realized she was fake.  He must have just thought she was rude.  šŸ™‚
We went at a bad time of day (right after dinner) this year, so we had to wait for about 1/2 hour or so outside just waiting to get in and then it was very crowded as we weaved our way through.   
Plus, with my size and my ribs constantly in pain, I wasn’t having very much fun…
But I managed to make it through because I knew Zeek was loving it.
Already looking forward to next year when #2 will be in tow and I WON’T be 9 months pregnant! šŸ™‚
What fun traditions do you have in your area?

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