I’ve really grown fond of my quiet alone time in the wee hours of the morning.
Especially now with the joy of being able to sit in just the light of the Christmas tree.
This is what my mornings usually look like:

The wrapped presents all under the tree.
(No, we don’t do Santa.) 

These are some of my favorite ornaments.
We had them in mason jars at our wedding and still have about 20 that we were able to salvage.
Zeek thinks they are sea lions though, so he points to them and “barks”.
With the soon arrival of our little one, this “Joy” ornament has been one of my very favorites to see on the tree.  There are a few of these ones around and each time I see “Joy”, I cannot help but to think of our precious babe.
Asher means happiness.
Ellery means bringer of joy.
Whichever one is currently residing in me, will surely bring us joy and happiness.
I cannot wait to finally meet face to face.
Love you, little baby.

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