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Another one of our annual Christmas traditions is to spend an afternoon celebrating and enjoying the company of Skyler’s family, his grandma, and his uncle, aunt and their two kids.
This was the first year without his grandpa Bill with us and his sweet and quiet presence was sorely missed.  I always loved the gentle little kiss he would give me on the top of my head as we left for home in the evening.  šŸ™‚
We carried on with Christmas cheer and still enjoyed our afternoon together.
This year was especially fun now that Ezekiel and his cousin Lincoln are older and playing more with Skyler’s young cousins, Lexi and Lucas.  They were so fun to watch them all together.  šŸ™‚
Somewhat blurry photo’s, but happy to have the moments captured, nonetheless!
I spy a girl with a GINORMOUS tummy!  Oh my goodness, I am large.

Skyler got some good practice in for Baby #2, with our nephew Sawyer (5 months).
He fed him his bottle and rocked him to sleep.
It never gets old seeing your husband with a sweet baby.  šŸ™‚ 

Zeek found pretty much his favorite toys ever: a spatula and kitchenware!
He dug these out of his cousin Lexi’s baking gift basket and carried them around most of the afternoon.  I think it’s safe to say he will LOVE his Christmas present… 

Zeek and Lucas putting the train puzzle together that Lucas’ family got for Zeek.
This kid has gotten really good at puzzles lately.
Added bonus that it’s a TRAIN!  Kid loves himself some trains.  šŸ™‚
I love this time of year.  
4 celebrations with family.
His extended.
My extended.
His immediate.
My immediate.
Lots of family time crammed into one(ish) week.
I couldn’t ask for anything more than to just hang out and spend time with our families.  šŸ™‚
We are blessed.

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