{Quiet Book} Shoe Laces

I’ve got just a few more pages to show you on the Quiet Book!
I’ve decided not to give it to Zeek as an actual Christmas present because.. well, he’s seen it all already and he’s got enough presents to open.  πŸ™‚
(Plus that took some of the stress off me!  Why do I do that to myself anyway?!)
I still have the cover to make for the book, but for now it’s at least bound and held together with some metal rings.  The cover can come later.
Like, after Christmas.
And after birth of this baby.  πŸ™‚
Here was a simple, yet painful page to complete:
I actually made this page twice.
The first time, the shoe was super small and looked like a joke on that big page.
So I made it a full page shoe.
Except, not without first giving myself an awesome sliced pointer finger while trying to stab my incredibly sharp Gingher scissors through the felt to make a hole for the grommet.  
*shudder* My hands just made involuntary fists just typing that.
It was painful.
Then I put the silly looking small shoe away for a couple weeks.
Didn’t really have the motivation to touch it again.
Then I pulled it back out last week.
Made a full page shoe.
Much better.
Except, I obviously didn’t learn my lesson and did the exact same thing and sliced the same finger in the same place with the same stupid scissors!
I immediately ran to the bathroom, shouting at my confused husband,
“I did it again!  AHH!  I did it again!”   
Poor guy.
After stabbing a knife through my hand a few months ago, he’s not sure what to expect from me and isn’t totally sure I should be playing with sharp objects. 
I don’t blame him.
I just told him, “Next time I suddenly run and scream anything that makes you wonder what the heck I’m talking about…. just come check on me.  Chances are, I hurt myself and need your nursing skills.”
The page is done.
And it’s cute.
And Zeek loves it.

What toddler wouldn’t love lacing?!

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