The Christmas Post

Well, I figured I’d better post our Christmas celebrations v.2, v.3 and v.4 before it’s no longer December anymore, right?!

Christmas Celebration v.1 was with Skyler’s extended family.  V.2 was with my extended family.  Like the dinkus I am, I didn’t even bring my camera in from my car… so these few pictures are stolen from my cousins Andrea and Erica.  🙂

My cousin Andrea graciously hosted our (large) family this year!
You know how many people we have in our family?
Actually, I don’t even know what the count is now.
2 Grandparents
6 sons
4 wives
13 grandchildren
4 grandchildren spouses
2 almost grandchildren spouses
8 great grandchildren (almost 9.  Plus my cousin announced she is pregnant too…so almost 10!)
That’s… 39.
Going on 41.
Wowee.  🙂
See how much space we take up?:

My brother and his sweet wife Shannon visiting from Texas.

My sister and cousin Andrea.
And, of course, one of the most handsome little dude’s ever:

Christmas Eve was spent as it always is: a yummy dinner with Skyler’s family, present opening and we usually cap the night off with a (loud) few rounds of Catch Phrase or something similar.  🙂

Before we headed to Skyler’s parents, we opened our family stockings – a new tradition we started last year. 

This is what I got when I said, “Zeek, hold up your stocking for mama to see!”

Maybe next year’s photo will be better. 😉

He was so excited to see more little trains for his train tracks.  After opening his stocking, he thought he would find trains in every present he opened.  “Zeek, what do you think is in this huge box?!” … “Choo choo’s!” 🙂

Then over to feast and fellowship with the Anderson’s…Seriously.  The Anderson’s know how to eat.  Never a disappointing meal over there.  🙂

Attempt at a family photo… This was the best one.  Yes.  It was, I promise.

My boys always wrestle when at Grandma’s.

I LOVE the cozy ambiance of my mother-in-law’s house at Christmas time.  🙂

Sawyer, almost 6 months old, and the current baby of the family!

A not so flattering family photo…

The disastrous after-math of present time.  Yes, we love to gift food items to each other in this family.  🙂
And then, finally, v. 4 – Christmas Day with the Miller family…
Auntie Krista reading books.

My dad goofier than Santa.
Classic Mom & Dad:
“Ohh, cool gift Jeremy! Thank you!”

“Wait. Um, what is it?”

“Oh, I know what this is.  Thanks, Kayla.” 🙂
(My mom can never have enough jewelery!)

Zeek, parking all of the new cool wooden cars from Aunt Krista.

Skyler, opening the gift that I spent FOREVER and then some extra time working on.
I’ll show you it soon.  🙂
And then, the big reveal of the play kitchen! 

Zeek and his cousins inspected every part of it!

Yes, I’m large.  No, that’s not a bowling ball under there.

Dad refused to let me take a photo of him sporting my awesome apron.

Family movie: Home Alone.
Yes, dad always watches movies standing up like that.
Usually right in someone’s direct view of the movie. 

I’m not really sure what’s going on here.
Something about, “let’s pretend we’re all really full from eating”… even though we had just sat down.
Apparently, I have two non-photogenic families. 😉 

Ah, that’s a little better!

 The siblings.

And THAT was how we celebrated Christmas over 4 days in one week.
Can’t get enough family time.  🙂
Hope you all had a great and relaxing Christmas holiday and break also!

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