The Last Update

This baby will be coming any day now.
4 friends had their babies in the last week and a half.
I’m up next.
Of 8 friends that I know that are due between Dec-Feb, 7 of them are having or have had girls.
One is a boy.
I keep wondering if we’ll be following suit and having a girl, or if we’ll be against the grain with a boy.
Asher would sure have his pickin’s of some mighty fine young women, if it is him.  πŸ˜‰
I want to write down things I’m dealing with and going through right now in the 9th month of my second pregnancy.  Not to complain, though I know some of it will certainly sound like it.
But I want to remember.
Remember the challenges, the pains that it took to bring my baby alongside us.
To remember what this particular end-of-pregnancy, the one with my second child, was like for me, for Skyler and for Ezekiel.
To keep this pregnancy special and not lumped in with my first or with future pregnancies….
The last two months or so have been fairly rough, if I’m going to be honest (and, well.  I’m Kayla.  So I’m going to be honest. ;)).
My patience has been virtually nil.
Poor Ezekiel.
Poor husband.
I’ve been overly irritated and don’t want to be bothered.
My rib cage has been killing me for the last couple months.
Usually right around 2-3 pm, it just starts throbbing and won’t let up until I’ve gone to bed at night.
Nothing makes it feel better.
I tried a belly support band; a good and expensive one, mind you.
I couldn’t tell if it made it better or worse.
It’s made me cranky and not want to leave the house, or the couch for that matter.
I’m so thankful Skyler had this month off from school and work, or the poor kiddo wouldn’t have ever left the house.
My midwife thinks it’s inflammation of the cartilage between my ribs.
I don’t fit in any pregnancy clothes any more.
I’ve outgrown 4 pairs of maternity pants.
If you think getting a big belly takes a toll on your security level as a woman, try getting to big for maternity pants.
The pants that are supposed to grow with you and fit you.
I’ve searched for ways to bedazzle my sweat pants, and I think it just ain’t happenin’.
I ripped the band on my favorite pair a couple weeks ago, trying really hard to stretch it over my growing waist (and butt and hips).  That was a depressing day.
My maternity shirts are too tight and put too much pressure on my stomach.
When we celebrated Christmas with my extended family, my grandma looked at me, giggled, and told me that back in her day, pregnant women used to wear giant mu-muu’s to not show off their big bellies. 
I, on the other hand, was wearing a skin tight stretchy dress that day.
It was the only thing that would stretch across me and that I could fit into, that weren’t my sweat pants.
But I get it, Grandma.  You buy me a mu-muu, and I’ll wear it.
I swear.
I keep getting a bruise-like pain right across my stomach, nearly every day.
It hurts bad, even to the lightest touch.
I can’t remember what my midwife said it likely was, probably because in my head I was thinking up the most horrible possible outcome, like my uterus ripping away from my skin or something terrible like that. 
I haven’t really had any swelling anywhere, so that’s nice.
Other than my fingers, enough that it’s irritating to have my wedding ring on.
But then I get all self-conscious that people are judging me or feeling sorry for me, for being an unwed, hugely pregnant mother, with a toddler in tote also.
So I usually wear it.
For my own security blanket.
Thankfully, the heartburn has subsided and I rarely, if at all, get it any more.
And I only had the restless arms for one night this pregnancy, instead of the entire last month like I did with Zeek.
And no carpel-tunnel.
 I keep telling myself that the rib/belly pains from this pregnancy are the trade off’s for not having the restlessness and carpel tunnel from the last pregnancy.
And I’m pretty sure I’d rather have the rib and belly pain.
At least I can sleep through it.
This sure has sounded complain-y huh?
Skyler told me last week that if pregnant ladies never got uncomfortable and in pain, they wouldn’t ever want to push.
It’s true.
I was doing fine and loving being pregnant up until about last month.
Then I started feeling ready to be done.
Ready to push.
Ready to hold my baby in my arms and not my pelvis anymore.
But I write this, not to discourage any of you from becoming pregnant.
But to show that even though parts of it are crappy and suck… it’s worth it.
It’s always worth it.
YOU are worth it, my little babe.
But I’m ready for this part of our journey to be over.
Come join us on this side of things, will you?


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