My Pre-Birth To-Do’s.

Last night, I sat down with Skyler to write up a “to-do” list of things before the baby comes.  As I sat there and looked over it, I had to giggle a little bit with how different this “to-do” list is from normal hospital lists, or even my list before Bella Vie Birth Center with Zeek. 

There is no pack hospital bag in car, install car seat, grab camera, etc. on the list.  No packing overnight bags for myself or Skyler.  No packing newborn clothes and blankets or thinking of a “coming home” outfit.

Instead, this is what my list looks like:

Check hot water spout
Check aerator adapter to bathroom
Bring in tub and fully fill with air
Put outer cover on tub
Bring in large canning pot
Bring in a couple of buckets
Bring in tarps
8.   Bring in old towels
Make freezer witch hazel pads
10.  Check if diapers in Zeek’s bag (buy more?)
11.  Buy
prune juice and Recharge

I will admit, this list makes me feel quite primal.  Or like I should be going to give birth at The Farm.  (Which would be really cool!)  Thankfully, most of these got taken care of today.  Feeling about as prepared as I’ll ever be.  🙂

By the way, if anyone is curious, we were choosing between the Birth Pool in a Box and the Aquaborn Eco birth tubs.  After reading several reviews where others were choosing between the two, nearly everyone had picked the Aquaborn pool and loved it.  So, that’s what we ended up going with!  It seems nice, but the zip in liner that came with it doesn’t fit in the pool.  It’s too small and the last almost 2 feet can’t be zipped because it pulls the liner too taut.  I’m hoping it doesn’t affect the comfort and efficiency… I was a little disappointed, especially because I don’t think the company is going to do anything about it. 

I’ll let you know how it was after the birth.  🙂


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