Our Week as Four

Hey šŸ™‚
Hope you’ve all been having a good week!
I can’t believe that tomorrow, this little man will be one week old already!
We’ve been just adoring and soaking in his presence.
I mean, look at this face:

What a doll baby he is!
And his big bro is adjusting well.
He is obsessed with “Adder” šŸ™‚

And he always wants to hold him!
He comes up to me, thumps his own chest and holds out his arms, while saying, “Adder, right der!” wanting me to lay Asher on his chest.

We’ve also been enjoying these lovely flowers:
(and some awesome meals that have been brought to us!)

Also, this young man has made some serious strides with potty training!
Yay Zeek!

Waiting for daddy to give him a chocolate chip (or an “oop” as Zeek calls it) for a successful potty time!
But mostly this week, we’ve especially been enjoying this Angel face being a part of our family. šŸ™‚

P.S. Tomorrow I start this little guy’s ABC book!! Crazy!

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