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Time for your alphabet book!!
(You can see Ezekiel’s here)

1 Week Stats
  • First of all, WHAT?!  This week has flown by!
  • You were 8 lb 10 oz at birth on Weds. Jan 2nd.  Weighed 8 lb 4 oz two days later.  At your one week appt. you were up to 8 lb 14 oz!!  I told the midwife Susie that you were eating constantly!  (You hungry hungry Anderson men…)
  • You had about 3 days of being pretty fussy.  Mommy finally realized that the prune juice I was drinking was probably making you really gassy too!! Poor guy.  πŸ™  I stopped drinking it and the last two days with you have been MUCH more pleasant!
  • You are sleeping like a champ  at night, just like your big bro did.  Other than, you DO like to wake up and have your diaper changed once at night, where Zeek never did.  You’ve been sleeping in till 10 am, just like Zeek did.  It’s nice because even though I’m up still at 7 or 7:30 with your bro, it gives us some quality Zeek and mommy time.
  • Your newborn clothes will NOT be fitting you much longer!  Zeek wore all his till about 6 weeks, but I imagine you’ll only last another couple weeks. 
  • You looove to sleep on your daddy’s chest.  Your daddy doesn’t seem to mind one bit, because it makes for a nice excuse for him to get an evening nap.
  • Your umbilical cord fell off on Monday – 5 days old.
  • You have been really officially grinning since Tuesday (6 days old).  It is the most precious thing!  (BTW, please, please, please have daddy’s dimple!!!)
  • Your big brother is obsessed with you!  Always asking to “muah” you.  Several times a day he’ll come to me, thump his own chest, hold out his arms and say, “Adder, right der!” and wants me to lay you on his chest.  He does so good with holding you.  He carefully holds up your head with one arm and holds onto your hand with the other.  πŸ™‚
  • You have the tiniest mouth!  Nursing you has been a bit of a challenge.
  • You hate having a wet diaper, but also hate having your diaper changed.  As soon as I get a fresh one on you, you quiet right down.

One of your favorite spots – Dad’s armpit!

We’re enjoying you so much, Asher!  We’re so glad you finally made your appearance and joined our family!

Mama K

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