B is For…

Two Weeks
  • As of your two week appointment, you are up to 9 lb 2 oz and 20 1/2 inches already!
  • Your eyes are so much more alert when you are awake.  I love how you just watch me when I feed you.
  • I can’t tell what color your eyes are going to be!  They were dark blue, then looked like they were turning brown, now more blue again… so maybe more hazel, like daddy’s?  Either way, I don’t think they’ll be bright blue like Zeek’s!
  • You started crying a lot again for a few days this week and we decided you were just really colicky.  I cut out dairy completely a few days ago and that seems to really be helping.  You’ve been much more mellow the last couple days.
  • You have the freakishly strong Anderson gene.  You are really good at holding your head up already and you are constantly (purposely) rolling over to your side.  I lay you down on your back and you instantly roll to your side and curl up in fetal position to go to sleep.  It is so precious. 🙂
  • You are such a cuddle bug!  Even more than Zeek was.  You sleep best being held.  Wearing you in the Moby wrap has been a lifesaver!!
  • So many friends and family have come to meet you and brought you some lovely gifts or brought food for our family.  We are so blessed with the people we have in our lives!
  • Your newborn skin has been peeling off.  Poor guy; you’re like a molting reptile.
  • Mommy had fun taking photo’s of you this week. 🙂

 Love you, little buddy.

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