Zeek’s 2nd Birthday – Balloon Party!

Yep, my oldest son (still sounds weird to say!) turned TWO this past weekend!  I knew that this year would be a little crazy with little bro being born just a few weeks prior, so no big party would be taking place.  I wanted to keep the party as simple as possible (and had to keep reminding myself of that motto as I party planned…darn Pinterest.  So hard to keep things simple in the world of Pinterest.)

I decided on a (let me say it again) simple balloon themed party (not to mention, we wanted to keep it VERY budget friendly)!

I remember seeing these balloon invites and wanted to come up with something similar…

I bought a balloon pump from Target for $2.99 so that I wouldn’t have to put my mouth on the same balloons that I was expecting all of his guests to put their mouths on!

Blew up the balloons and used an Expo Dry Erase Marker to write the party info on it (this was key!  Sharpie permanent markers just smear and never dry when you deflate them.  A Staples brand dry erase marker just flaked off.  The Expo brand dry erase was the only one that worked both inflated and deflated.).

edited out personal info

I let the air back out of the balloons, stuffed them into little coin envelopes which I had stamped “Blow Up” on with white ink and then closed the envelope’s up with a little washi tape.

Then I just stuffed the whole coin envelope in another small white envelope for mailing out.

I kept the table decor very simple (duh).  I was originally going to add a few helium balloons in blue and yellow on either side of the birthday banner, but with a screaming newborn most of the day before the party, that was one detail that I decided didn’t matter.  πŸ™‚

The birthday banner was made with my Silhouette cutting machine.  Seriously, that thing makes party planning so quick and simple.  Love it.

I just put out a bunch of random food; knowing we were having an “open house style” from 3-8 pm (over the dinner hour), and me being a foodie, I wanted to have plenty of good and filling food for people to graze on.

Pulled Chicken sandwiches, spinach artichoke dip, plenty of veggies, chips and salsa, a fruit bowl and a cheese tray for the sandwiches. 

I had seen this fruit and salad “bowl” (below) on Pinterest and loved it!  Already had the same jar, so just threw some watermelon, grapes, cantelope and strawberries in.

Source: 4men1lady.com via Kayla on Pinterest

Of course, we had to have plenty of desserts too…

Brownie bites, chocolate covered pretzels, m&m cookies, cinnamon roll bites, birthday cake and cupcakes.

Zeek’s birthday cake was just a funfetti double layer round cake with vanilla frosting.  I loved this cake that I saw on Pinterest:

So I made this cake:

The balloon topper is a vintage one that I remember having on several of my own birthday cakes growing up.  πŸ™‚

Since the birthday cake was little, I made cupcakes to go along with it.  To keep it budget and time friendly, I bought and used these little balloon cupcake wrappers and flags that I found at the dollar tree.  Again, just funfetti cake.  πŸ™‚

The beverages:

Strawberry Lemonade, Lemon Water and Pineapple Mint Sprite… inspired by these drinks found on Pinterest:

For party favors, I used a free “thank you” tag that was already pre-downloaded in my Silhouette cutter downloads when I bought the machine.  I bought big punching balloons for each kid, hole punched the tags and tied the balloons on.  These sat out by the front door in a little basket.

And for the last little detail, I used the Silhouette to cut out “Birthday Wishes” and balloon outlines for people to write their wishes for Ezekiel on.  For his first birthday last year, I had people fill out birthday wishes and it was hands down my favorite thing every about the party.  I loved reading the wishes from his friends and family and put them in his scrapbook as a keepsake.  πŸ™‚

I had people just hang them up on the wall.

And now, the ACTUAL party photo’s!  Here’s Zeek enjoying his big day…

My Grandma Grace meeting her newest great grandkid!

I strung up some balloons to hang over the window and blew up a bunch of other random balloons to keep on the floor for the toddlers to play with.

My sweet Grandpa Earl.

The birthday boy!

First present!  HUGE present brought in from Grandma & Grandpa Anderson.  Zeek immediately went to rip all the paper off…

Workin’ on it…
  Checking out the new slide!

Whadda you know?! The BOX is a GREAT present!

Helping daddy build the slide.

And now to ENJOY the slide!
What great entertainment for the entire party. πŸ™‚
All the kiddo’s enjoyed taking turns.

Birthday cake time!
“Ouch, hot!” – Zeek

Enjoying daddy’s Paleo birthday cake creation! 
(Pumpkin, almond flour, honey, eggs… not sure what else!)

 Sweet Ella girl!  One of Zeek’s MANY girlfriends.  But I’m pretty sure this one is his favorite.  Talks about her all the time.  πŸ˜‰

Birthday boy with the Greats!
He just wanted to get down and play.  Forget “cheese!”. 

Friends meeting the newest Anderson!

The four amigos!
These four are always together.  πŸ™‚ 

And… what my house looked like at the end of the party.
Zeek loved his day and I am so proud of myself for keeping it simple!
A good reminder that kids love even the most simple of parties.  
All they need is food, friends and family.
Thanks so much to everyone who came!!
We are so blessed to see how much our son is loved by others.
One more year older.
Oh my.

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