D is for…

4 Weeks Stats
  • Your newborn stuff is put away!  You are one long dude.  
  • I have no idea how much you weigh, but you feel hefty already.  Probably near 10 lbs already.  Your neck roll is probably 2 lbs by itself… πŸ˜‰
  • I’m hopeful that you are *slowly* growing out of your colicky-ness.  You are crying less in the evening.  Just seems you really need help getting yourself asleep.  Once you’re sleeping, you’re pretty good.
  • You HATE baths.  You shriek through the entire thing.  So you don’t get very many of them…
  • However, your hair is really curly after baths, which I love and makes me contemplate bathing you everyday, just so I can see the curls.
  • Mommy’s awesome friend brought over a mechanical swing to try out for you – you sleep so much better in it!  And mom is extremely thankful to her friend… what a lifesaver!
  • Your big brother turned TWO this week and your mom turned 27 (old woman!). 
  • You are getting really good at holding your head up.  You’ve been having some tummy time lately and you hold your head up for several minutes at a time.
  • You also are JUST ABOUT to roll over.  Not kidding.  You just turn your head sharply to the side and start throwing your legs up and over in the air and you ALMOST have rolled over several times.   Anderson strength freaks me out.
  • As your eyes are getting wider, you are looking more and more like your big brother’s one month old photo.  Of course there are differences, but my goodness.  You can certainly tell you’re brother’s.  Makes me so curious to see how much you’ll look like him as a toddler.
  • We can’t tell what your eyes are doing.  Some days they are more brown/hazel, other days bright blue and other days more grey tinted.  

    Well, buddy, this weekend you will turn a MONTH old.  Wowza.  
    Love you, little man.

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