A Year of Dates

You may remember back from December, I was talking about a present I was working on for Skyler for Christmas.  I just realized I hadn’t shared it with you yet!
Of course, we DID have a baby a week after Christmas, so that’s the excuse I’ll use for not posting the photo’s I had already taken… 😉
Back in the fall, I came across this idea on Pinterest:

Basically, this lady preplanned and mostly prepaid for one date per month for her and her husband to go on.  She stuffed everything for each date in one folder per month and at the beginning of each month, they would open the folder together and decide on a day to use the date.

A couple of years ago (the Christmas before Zeek was born), I made Skyler something similar, but very much dumbed down.  I made date “coupons” in hopes of giving us something fun to do together and not lose the magic of dating each other, especially once a kiddo came along.  Unfortunately, these weren’t well planned out (they just had simple, vague ideas on them and no time frame to use them in) and while Skyler kept the coupons out and visible on his school desk, we never “redeemed” any. 

I loved this idea of having preplanned, mostly prepaid dates already made.  If the date is completely planned out and already paid for, why wouldn’t you make the time to go?!

I knew I didn’t have space to have a big basket with the folders in it and I wanted to create a sort of “date scrapbook”, so I went ahead and put all of the folders in a scrapbook to present to Skyler.  This way, it’s just a book (which takes up far less room) and I can turn the pages into a scrapbook as we go on the dates each month.

This is what it looked like when I gave it to him on Christmas:

We decided Christmas night to go ahead and open up January’s date so that we could try to squeeze it in the next couple of days and have one last date before Asher was born!

Here was January:

I used the Silhouette cutter to make the monthly labels and I searched online for mini 2013 calendars so that we could circle the day we were choosing to go on the date, when we sat down and opened the packet in the beginning of the month.

I left little “Bachelor-esque” notes in little folders for each month with little hints of what we may be doing.  🙂
This is what was in the packet for January:

1st Stop:  Frozen Yogurt at Frozation and then a movie (with a gift card for concessions) at the Regal Cinemas.

Skyler and I have very infrequently gone to the movies in our relationship, so I thought I would start out our year of dates doing something old fashioned and “normal” for dates – though not normal for us!

We opted to see the movie Lincoln (SO SO GOOD!).  It didn’t start until 10 pm, so we changed our plans a wee bit… Skyler’s parents had given us a gift card to Applebee’s for Christmas so we decided to forgo the frozen yogurt for this date and do a late dinner instead.

By the way, my mother in law is the queen of nicknames.  She has a million of them for each of us kids (and now grandkids) and one of the fun traditions she does is to write our nicknames on our Christmas gift tags and we have to guess who they are for.  🙂

These are the nicknames she used for this one:

I can’t remember the story behind Double Bob for Skyler, but I love that she added a new nickname for me this year.  🙂  (And so timely with the soon after birth of Asher!)

I was hoping to take pictures of each date to be able to include in our scrapbook, but I made the rookie mistake of forgetting the camera at home this time…but oh well.  Not much to take pictures of while going to the movie theater, eh?  🙂

Also, I’m the worst at staying awake during movies if they start after 8 pm.  I just CANNOT do it for the life of me.  I’m not sure what possessed me to go for a 10 pm movie… I loved the first hour of Lincoln that I saw before I passed out in the movie theater (hot date, huh?).  I’ll blame that one on being 9 months pregnant at the time… no?  No, you won’t accept that excuse?!  Darn…  Skyler didn’t mind that I fell asleep (he wasn’t holding his breath believing that I would be able to stay awake) and he absolutely loved the movie too.  I woke up with about 1/2 hour left in it, which was also great!  I told him that when it comes out, we need to rent it.  (And start it at like 3 pm!) 😉

We did also have a little date actually in January too.  We went to McGrath’s (another gift card from my in-laws!) for my birthday last Monday – just me, Skyler and Asher.

We just opened up our February date and can’t wait for it!  I’ll share it after our date (hopefully with pictures of us actually ON the date!).

I think I just may do this as another Christmas present next year.  I am loving it already.  🙂


February’s Date
March’s Date


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