How I Celebrated 27

This year was the first year that I finally just… didn’t really care about my birthday.
It was the first birthday that I didn’t wake up with that special feeling of “ooh, today’s my BIRTHDAY.”
Perhaps, it was the first birthday that I really felt like an adult.
And so…my birthday was spent doing fun activities that I knew Zeek would enjoy.
(Skyler had all day clinical at the hospital – 7 am to 7 pm)
We woke up early and Zeek, Asher and I met up with a couple of my best mommy friends, Christine and Janie, and their adorable daughters, Cosette, Ella and Reagan.
We had breakfast at Ihop where Zeek and I each enjoyed our free breakfast Rooti Tooti Fresh & Fruity – pancakes, eggs and sausage!
After a delicious breakfast, we all headed over to the Gilbert House (children’s museum) to let the kids run around.

Then we disbanded and I took Zeek home to feed him and put him down for a nap…
and then, the day I’ve waited for for TWO years happened.
Zeek fell asleep in his high chair!
I LOVE when kids fall asleep in funny places and have waited and waited for Zeek to fall victim to extreme tiredness.
The best birthday present ever. πŸ™‚ 

BTW, you know the cool slide Zeek got for his birthday?
Well, the little dude too a swan dive off the top and got a little road rash/rug burn on his nose.
Lesson learned (hopefully).
Then after nap, I took Zeek to one of his favorite places…
He doesn’t care TOO much for the games but is OBSESSED with the actual mouse.
He immediately marches to the back where the mechanical mouse stands in his balcony and smiles and waves mechanically at… no one.  Then rotates to the other direction and waves at the ground again.
Enter Zeek.
He stands right underneath that mouse, looks up in awe and waves maniacally.
When the mouse rotates directions, Zeek quickly walks around the other side of the balcony so that he is standing directly underneath the mouse again and waves fast and furiously again, occasionally glancing at me as if asking why this mouse isn’t saying “hi”.
So adorable and so comical.
Yet, also so magical.
We have been talking about taking the boys to Disneyland this summer as a nursing school graduation party for Skyler.
After watching Zeek this time with Chuck E Cheese, I smiled over the thought of Disneyland.
You could just SEE the magic of this mechanical mouse in Zeek’s eyes.
He really thought this mouse was alive and real.
  And then…
the real Chuck E Cheese came out.  
He danced and put on a little show for the kids.
(Except my kid decided to stand behind the mouse.)

But his day was made when Chuck E turned around, waved Zeek over and gave him a high five. 
After the “show”, Chuck E walked around the restaurant and greeted kids.
And Zeek just quietly followed him around in awe. πŸ™‚

 Asher and I met up with Skyler (sans Ezekiel) at the hospital after his clinical.
Our friends had just had a baby there that morning (I have a new birthday buddy! yah!), so we stopped in a visited for a while before heading out to McGrath’s for a birthday dinner.
Unfortunately, Asher wasn’t terribly amused with the restaurant and we took turns standing and swaying with him while the other ate.  πŸ™‚
All in all, it was a fantastic birthday – watching my son enjoy HIS day and visiting with my friends and husband.  

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