Confessions of a Real Mom

Some days, a friend will comment to me how impressed they are with how I seemingly have it all together as a mom, presumably from reading this blog and seeing the “good”.  I always chuckle and say, “yeah. Right.”

Somehow, I keep managing to fool my friends and probably also you – whoever reads my blog – that I am just so good at what I do: Mom and housewife.

I’m here to tell you the truth: I don’t have it all together.  I am surviving, yes.  At this 5:58 am current moment while both boys are sleeping, yes.  But hear this loud and clear: some days, I’m barely being held together and surely it’s only by the grace of God. 

So, I’m bringing to you my confessions.  Confessions of a REAL Mom!  Enjoy, experience just how not together I am, smile, and feel better about yourself.  πŸ™‚

  • I am the worst at remembering to pack a bag of things that my kids will need while out and about.  I might have some stuff, but never everything they need.  (Wipes?  Dear friend, can I borrow some wipes?… I’ve asked countless friends this question.)
  • Despite our proclaimed “Paleo Lifestyle”, there are days I eat nothing more than corn dogs or chips and salsa for lunch.  Especially when Skyler is not around to observe (and get mad at me).
  • I *might* currently have up to 4 dirty diapers stashed in the side pocket on the driver side door of our Prius.  Yes, they smell.
  • I hardly ever fold laundry right after it’s done.  3-4 loads of laundry might end up piled on my bed after a day of “doing laundry”.  That night, it ends up on the floor.  The next morning, I make my bed and pile the laundry back on top.  Not necessarily because I actually intend to fold it.  I just feel like it gives the impression that my room is cleaner than it is and that I do have intentions of folding it, just in case we have any surprise visitors over and they happen to peak into my bedroom.  This might happen for up to a week before the laundry is actually folded and put away.  (Though, since being about 8 months pregnant, this habit has gotten far far better.  I’ll explain this breakthrough later ;))
  • This has happened more times than I’d really like to confess of: 
  • While newly pregnant with Asher, on the days of extreme exhaustion, I would barricade Ezekiel and myself in his room with the door shut.  I’d gather pillows and a blanket and fall asleep on his bedroom floor, forcing him to play by himself in his room and entertain himself while I napped.  Some days up to 2-3 hours.  Some days I’d wake up and the poor dude was passed out next to me, likely from extreme boredom.
  • Our garage looks like a multi-family garage sale exploded inside.  Except nothing’s for sale.  We’re keeping all our junk.  I ain’t sharin’ that wealth.  No sir.
  • Some days, I JUST need a bowl of ice cream.  At 10 am.  And, despite said Paleo diet and strict diet rules for Ezekiel, I JUST may give the man a bite.   Just so that he’ll take his lick and scram.  But of course he won’t stop crawling on top of me, begging for more, once I do give him a bite.  
  • I’m 5-10 minutes late to everything.  EVERY thing.
  • I let Zeek watch tv too much some days.  And justify it because at least they were “educational” and he might of learned something.
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  • I hardly ever get dressed out of my yoga pants.  Only if we’re going somewhere or expecting company.  Which is maybe 3 times a week.  And within 5 minutes of being home again, I’m back in the yoga pants.  
  • Some days, I’m totally on my A-game.  I look around my clean house, my happy children and my dressed self and feel very accomplished.  I’m like, “yeah!  I got this!  Motherhood?  Nailed it!”  And then the next day I’m like, “what the crap was that high I was on yesterday?!”  (Like the next example…)
  • A couple weeks ago, when both boys were crying hysterically at the same time, I stomped my foot, screamed, started crying hysterically myself and just sat on the the floor rocking back and forth with them both on my lap.  Like a crazy person.  Yes I did.
  • Parenting has made me swear far more often than this “good girl” ever thought was possible.  
  • In reality, I probably have some opportunity to shower every day, but too often find something else I’d rather do with those “precious” 10 minutes.  So I just spend the day smelling like an ox.
  • My house isn’t always neat and tidy.  Skyler is always amazed at how I can dramatically whip my house into shape within 15 minutes if I know someone is coming over and the right pressure is applied!

There you have it.  I’m not all together.  Motherhood is hard.  And sometimes, the dirty work of being a mom is overlooked. The angriest that you’ll get me, is the moment you tell me a stay at home mom is spoiled or has it easy.  We work and we work hard.  But boy oh boy, there has been nothing as rewarding in my life as being Mom has been.  If you’re feeling discouraged and overlooked, know that your kids see your hard work (even if they don’t always show it).

Lately, Zeek started coming up to me and doing fishy lips all over me – my cheeks, neck and shoulders.  Usually, it happened while I was nursing Asher and with already having one kid with his lips latched onto me, I couldn’t handle another tot all up in my bubble, tickling me with his lips and leaving slobber trails all over me.  It irritated me.  Add one more thing to the list.

Recently, it dawned on me that he wasn’t trying to irritate me.  The little “kisses” were his way of showing me how much he loved me.  And all the sudden, it went from an irritating “grr, being a mommy can be so taxing!” feeling to an “ohmygosh.  My baby loves me!” feeling.  And that day made me feel like my Mommyhood thus far has been a success.

They love you and appreciate you.  Some day, some how, they’ll show you.  Until that day, try to keep this in mind about Motherhood:

Keep up the good hard work, mama.  You’re being the mom that God designed you to be, specifically for the kids He blessed you with. 

The Ox Smelling Yoga Pants Wearing 10 AM Ice Cream Eating Mom

P.S.  Do you have your own confessions? Check out this post and email your confessions to me at!  Let’s give other mom’s a bit of humor in their day as well as a boost of encouragement that they’re not alone in this crazy motherhood adventure!

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