E is for… (and 1 Month!)

Asher turned one month old on February 2nd!

We’ve had mixed reviews of if people think Asher looks like Zeek did as a baby.  Looking down at Asher in real life, I feel like he looks just like Ezekiel did (with a few obvious differences – smaller forehead, less hair and no butt chin).  In pictures, I can see more of their differences but boy oh boy.  They certainly look enough alike that you can tell they are brother’s! 
I did some side by side comparison’s for fun. πŸ™‚
(Even wearing the same onesie for both of their 1 month photo’s!)

You can also see in the above comparison that Asher is definitely chunkier than Zeek was!  Zeek still had skinny legs and was still wearing almost only newborn clothes at 4 weeks.  Asher has a chunkier face and legs and seems like he is longer than Zeek was at this age (even though they were both born the exact same length!).
5 Week Stats
  • You have still been very colicky.  We are really trying to help you feel better and this week we tried some infant probiotics for you.  It’s a powder that you mix with breastmilk and we feed to you from a bottle 2-3 times a day.  You’ve been on it for 4 days now and are sort of getting the hang of the bottle.  It already has made a tremendous difference!! The first day you were on it, you took the FIRST 2.5 hour nap (without being held) of your entire life.  Seems crazy to say about a newborn.  But you had seriously never slept that long before without someone holding you.  I probably checked on you 8 times during that nap.
  • You have since taken about two 2-3 hour naps a day.  HUGE improvement already.
  • We have learned that you LOVE tummy time!!  In fact, so much so, that it puts you to sleep almost immediately.  (Check the above photo’s on the brown blanket.  That was literally a few minutes into my photo taking that he fell asleep.).  This was a great little tip to learn!
  • You had your first trip up to the snow!  And your first time going down on the sled (in the Boba on mom).
  • We don’t have a scale at home, so I haven’t weighed myself since your one week appointment.  I’m pretty sure I began pregnancy at 124-125 lbs, was around 162 lb at my last pregnancy appt, around 145 at your one week check up and was SO happy to see the scale read only 134 this week (when I weighed myself at grandma and grandpa’s).  Only 9-10 lbs to go till I’m back to pre pregnancy weight!  And I get to really exercise this coming week after your 6 week check up.  I did take Zeek on a bike ride – just me and him – last week.  It was so nice to get outside and back on the bike after about 3 months off of it.  Plus, to have a bit of just mommy and Zeek time was awesome.  πŸ™‚
  • Your “SwaddleMe” blanket has been awesome.  You, like Ezekiel, are Houdini when it comes to being regularly swaddled in a receiving blanket.  You have your hands out and flapping around within a few minutes.  So far, you haven’t broken out of your straight jacket “SwaddleMe” blanket.  You sleep so much better in it.
  • You started talking and cooing a lot this week.  Overall, you just seem like a happier baby.  Which makes me a happier mommy.  Oh boy.  What a crazy 5 weeks we’ve had together so far, little guy!
  • You’ve also been smiling a lot more easily!  It is the most precious thing. πŸ™‚
  • Your big bro just LOVES you.  Any time I lay you down on the floor, he immediately lays down right next to you, put his face right up against your head and drapes his arm over you.  He’d lay there forever next to you.  Or he brings you toys.  He just stacks them up right by your head, just so that if you ever decide you want to play with a toy, you’ll have several handy.  πŸ™‚
  • He also has been loving having you lay on his tummy, just like daddy does with Zeek and you.  He is so in love with his baby brother!


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