F is for…

You sure have your daddy’s feet!

Hello, Big Blue’s!

6 Weeks

  • You started cooing and talking frequently.
  • Overall, you’re finally seeming to be happier and more content.
  • We started giving you probiotics a couple weeks ago, and added slippery elm to the list this week. They have seemed to help you tremendously.  You aren’t screaming all evening night after night.  Some nights you still do.  But most you don’t anymore.
  • You love to be swaddled up in your blankets and laid on your tummy to fall asleep.  It’s a “no no”, I know.  But whatever works.
  • We’ve seen a huge difference in how much you sleep during the day – you nap most of the morning long, with your best nap being around 11:00 – 2 or so.  
  • You are now content to just lay by yourself for a while, kicking and talking, on either your little play mat or up on the window seat by the light.  You never used to be content by yourself, up until this week.  
  • We started you in your little GDiapers last week.  They are SO cute on you!!  Little G Bum. šŸ™‚
  • Your hair seems to be falling out already and you are looking more and more bald!  It’s so weird for me to be having such a bald baby, when your big brother had such thick hair!
  • Your eyes are turning bluer and bluer.  I keep wondering if you’re going to have bright blue’s like Ezekiel!
  • You are smiling so much more easily now.  Just seeing me walk over to you sometimes makes you grin at me.  I’m so glad you love your mama.
  • We go in for your 6 week check up appointment tomorrow!  Can’t wait to see how big you’ve gotten.  šŸ™‚

Your mama loves you, you big boy!

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