{A Year of Dates} February

Whelp, we thoroughly enjoyed our February date last week from our “Year of Dates” book that I made for Skyler for Christmas.  (You can see what it’s about and January’s date here.)

Long story short, we decided not to do what I had planned for in the book because of Asher’s colicky-ness – especially with evening’s being his worst time.  (Thankfully now, at almost 7 weeks old, he’s much much better and I think we’ll be just fine and back on track with next month’s date!).  It was no problem and I just shuffled the date that was planned for February to another time!

The whole reason behind the book was to make a POINT of dating each other still, at least once a month, so it didn’t really matter to us what the particular date was.  SO, we made it a family date this month.  (We just made a point of excessive hand holding and hugging to make it more “date-like” šŸ˜‰  Someday, this will gross our kids out.  It will be a good thing.)

Ezekiel has been obsessed with animals (especially giraffe’s and zebra’s) and getting really good at naming all the animals (instead of just making the sound they make) so we opted for a family day at the zoo!  It was a decent day out (cloudy, but upper 50’s and NOT raining) and Skyler had a short day at school.  It was also “Second Tuesday” at the zoo, which meant each adult ticket was $4 instead of almost $12.  Zeek and Asher were free, making our date a total of a whopping $8.  A nice fee for a family on a budget.  šŸ™‚

I wasn’t sure how busy the zoo would be on “Second Tuesday” since I’d never been there on that day before.  I was surprised at how UN-busy it was.  Of course, it could have been that it was February and not too many people are anxious to get to the zoo in the winter but we loved it!  Not only was it not busy, but there were several animals that were much more active in the winter than they usually are in the summer!  We decided we needed to go twice a year – once in the winter and once in the summer – to see all the animals at their peak at least once.  šŸ™‚

I packed up the boys and when Skyler got home, we hit the road for Portland.  I wore Asher in the Boba carrier and he slept most of the afternoon.  Zeek walked around our (giant and AWESOME!) zoo most of the day, to our surprise!  He didn’t want to be in the stroller hardly at all – in fact, he wanted to push it himself most of the time.  Double bonus. šŸ˜‰

Here are some photo’s from our day:

Watching the eagles

Skyler says, “At least I’m taller than the sun bear!” … but now looking at this, I had to laugh.  This shows that he is barely 5 foot tall.  He is a LITTLE taller than that.   He’s 5’8″ … so he’s ALMOST as tall as the black bear.  šŸ˜‰

This guy was more active (and fun to watch!) than I had ever seen before!

She came right up to the window, plopped down and just stared and stared at Zeek. 

Watchin’ the hippo’s.  After watching this video a few days before, we were hoping to see something similar:
Ezekiel, looking so handsome and GROWN UP!
And to top off the date (and make it a little more “date-like” perhaps), we ended the day feasting at one of our favorites: Claim Jumper!
We were reminded why we don’t often eat out at nicer places with our tot…
After a long, tiring day (and on only a 1/2 hour nap!), he was a little hard to keep wrangled at the table.
But he found a few ways to amuse himself.  šŸ™‚

Even though our February date wasn’t quite as planned, we had a great time.  šŸ™‚

Looking forward to our March date!  I especially can’t wait for March 1st to be able to open the date package with Skyler and see his face.  His birthday is March 12th, so I planned a special date for this month.  šŸ™‚

Happy dating, everyone!

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